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5 Instagram tips for car sales that will transform your business!

By Luke Ramassa | No Comments | 3rd September 2020

You’ve probably heard about building leads online through content marketing and other tactics. But what if you could take things one step further and actually increase foot traffic to your business, through online promotion. Well, that’s exactly what you can do if you maximize the potential of social media when marketing your car dealership. One of the best two social media platforms you can get leads from Facebook and Instagram. With Facebook Leads Ads and Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can generate enormous leads from the Facebook platform.

Since images and video are becoming key to generating interest through content, you should definitely be looking to Instagram for business tips. With over ninety-five million images and videos shared on the network every day, the idea of Instagram for cars and car sales certainly has potential.

Instagram for business tips

In this article, you will learn some of the best tips to make sure that you get the highest mileage from this marketing concept and see those customers come through the doors of your car dealership.


Instagram posts with hashtags have over 12 percent more engagement compared to posts that don’t include them. Right away, this should tell you just how important these little, simple marketing tools are. As well as this, today, hashtags are everywhere. They’re on TV ads, on flyers, and definitely on social media posts. If you are searching for Instagram for business tips, hashtags are definitely the place to start. They will boost the optimization of your content and discovery. In other words, a lot more people are going to see your posts. That’s why every post on Instagram for cars should include a few hashtags.

But what do you need to know about using hashtags for your car dealership? Well, here’s another one of our Instagram for business tips. While hashtags are certainly useful, you don’t want to take this idea too far. Instagram will allow you to add thirty to each post, but that doesn’t mean you should. Nine is the maximum you’ll need to engage, attract, and get those shares using Instagram for cars according to TrackMaven.



One of the reasons why you shouldn’t use too many hashtags is because you want to keep them relevant to your Instagram picture of video. If you are showing a photo of a Range Rover Evoque Convertible, it doesn’t make sense to use a hashtag like #carsale whereas #evoque certainly does. Remember, hashtags can be a great way for customers to find what they are looking for. You can check out apps like Hashtagify to see if your hashtag is helping customers find your post when using Instagram for cars.

Below are examples of popular carsales hastags on Instagram and their percentages

#carsales               – 34%
#cars                      – 14%
#carsforsale          –  9%
#cardealership     –  6%
#usedcars              –  6%
#autosales             –  5%
#carsofinstagram – 5%
#car                         – 5%
#cardealer              – 5%

As you can see from the hashtags above, the most popular is #carsales. It is recommended that you use the most popular hastags to enhance your content visibility.

If you’re looking for more Instagram for business tips around hashtags, you can even create your own branded hashtag, encouraging customers and clients to use it. It’s a great way to make sure that everyone is connected for everything from big sales to local events and provides a larger force online to spread the word.

A good example of this is Mercedes-Benz. They used a branded hashtag “#mbfanphoto” on their bio on Instagram. Check it out below.

Instagram tips

Connect To Prospects

A branded hashtag is just one example of a way to connect to prospects that you’ll discover when searching Instagram for business tips. There are many others, and you should be looking at using as many as possible. You need to think about what to do when customers message you. Typically, you’ll want to keep conversations open and in the public eye as this can be a great way to build interest. But, if you have a prospect who is constantly engaging, one on one private chat can be a better way to secure the sale. You can do this through a DM and use it to push customers in the direction of what they are searching for on your site since Instagram doesn’t allow clickable hyperlinks. Do not fall for the trap of cutting corners by sending customers copy and pasted content. Make it personal, and you’re more likely to get their interest because they’ll feel connected to your company.


Prospect Connections


Another option that is particularly effective when looking at Instagram for cars and car sales is to create a story. This is exactly as it sounds and it will help you connect more with your customer base and the people who will be following your profile. When you tell a story, you give potential customers something to engage with and that they can follow. You could, if you had some time, use your Instagram to tell the story of meeting a customer to the final sale, potentially, through a video or a series of posts with photographs. Of course, you need to get a customer to agree to be part of this type of story, and that can be tricky, particularly at the start of the sale. But some will surely be intrigued by the idea.

A good example of that is what Porsche did. They created an Instagram marketing on stories from real people. They want their target audience to have a feel of what it is like to drive a Porsche every day.

Instagram tips

Alternatively, you can use your Instagram as a window showing a day behind the scenes in your car dealership. Using the network as a window into your company is one of the best Instagram for business tips and definitely should be considered. The great thing about Instagram for cars is that you can show off both your vehicles and your employees in the story without it becoming too direct.

Alternatively, why not simply get your best sales employee to make a welcome video, greeting new followers, and introducing them to your Instagram page and your company. Often the best Instagram for business tips are the simplest.

Go Live

This is definitely one of the best Instagram for business tips that we can offer for car dealers. But what does it mean? Going live is exactly as it sounds. Forget adding posts and letting users like or share when you’re not there. Instead, use Instagram Live.

For example, Nissan live-streamed the launch of one of its latest models at the New York auto show.

Instagram tips

With this feature, any followers that you have will be notified when you are live. The benefit of this is that they can engage with you directly. You can have some fantastic fun with this from answering questions directly from followers, providing the information that they want to know, or even use festivals and celebrations. Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more can all be great choices of themes for an Instagram Live set up.

One of the things people often miss when searching Instagram for business tips is that these types of posts don’t have to link directly to your business. They can have a very loose connection and still be highly effective. In other words, don’t use it to market directly – that’s what ads are for. When you’re using Instagram for cars in this way, all you need to do is gain the interest and ensure they see your Instagram as a top source.

Do you want another one of our top Instagram for business tips for car dealers? You can live video chat with followers when you’re on live. Users love this, and it will almost certainly catch the interest of a potential customer.

Kill It With Killer Content

When you’re using Instagram for cars, you don’t want to miss the biggest advantage that you have. Some companies find it really tough to market their product or even their business on Instagram because it’s not aesthetically pleasing or interesting. You don’t have this problem with Instagram for cars. The clue is in the name here. With Instagram for cars, the vehicles that you’re selling are your greatest asset.

Instagram for business

There are plenty of excellent Instagram for business tips, but another one that people often forget is not to use stock photos. If you’re selling the cars, there’s no need, use your own. Stock photos are a mistake, particularly with Instagram for cars because it will mean that your posts won’t be anything new. In fact, you’ll probably end up with photos that are on every blog, article, and car post across the net.

Fix this issue by taking shots of your own cars or even videos and posting these instead. When you’re using Instagram for cars, it should be easy to make your feed look attractive and incredible. You might even want to consider hiring a professional photographer. While this will cost money, it might just pay off in the extra level of foot traffic you receive. If you’re taking the shots yourself, give the cars a great backdrop, play with angles and keep those shots bright. Add sales employees, willing customers, and clients into the shots with big beautiful smiles, and you’ll be surprised by the impact this can have on your brand.

The thing is forty-one percent of Instagram users share a photo of the car they just purchased. The strategy here is to ask customers while they are in your auto shop if they would be pleased to pose for a picture that you can feature on your Instagram account. Find an example from Lamborghini Pangbourne below.

Instagram tips

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more Instagram for business tips, why not think about using user-generated content. UGC is a great way to connect with customers and another way to make sure that your profile looks fresh and unique. When working on Instagram for cars, let customers take snaps in or around your vehicle’s and send them in. Maybe you can even offer a prize for the best shot.

Excel With Ads

We’re not finished with Instagram for business tips just yet. You can use ads when you are utilizing Instagram for cars. But, they can’t be anything like your ads elsewhere. Remember, Instagram users are constantly scrolling. They’ll only stop if they see something cool, exciting, or interesting. So that’s exactly what your ads need to be. Again, the pictures need to look absolutely stunning, and it’s potentially worth hiring a professional to take these. Those hashtags need to be relevant too, and the message has to be short, sweet, or targeted. Ads are a great way to get more foot traffic when using Instagram for cars, but only if you get all these factors right. You can use Google Analytics to check how your ads are doing and adjust if necessary.

A good example of this is Renault Italy. They created a video series for their limited edition Captur Tokyo car and promoted it with ads in Instagram stories. This helps them to sell 100 cars in 30 days.


Instagram tips


We hope these Instagram for business tips help you build up your car dealer marketing campaign and make it a terrific success online, boosting sales. Remember, the secret to using Instagram for business tips is to keep one fact in mind. It’s all about the content.

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