1. Custom Audiences Common Questions

Custom Audiences Common Questions

What does CA Sent Size means?

The “CA Sent Size” is the number of different contacts that we sync to FB.
It’s the sum of all your emails and phone numbers contained inside the lists that you select.
Please note that this may not be the exact number because if an email is subscribed to different lists (or tags) on your system, we will send it only once and it will be counted only one time.

What does CA Facebook Size means?

The “CA Facebook Size” is the number of emails recognized by Facebook.
This is an estimated number that can grow during the day because Facebook constantly tries to match emails.

LeadsBridge will update this number during the syncing process each 6-12-24-48 hours (depending on the sync cycle defined).
The Custom Audiences will be automatically synced to your Facebook Account.

Why I can’t see the CA Facebook Size?

The CA Facebook size has been disabled by Facebook in all platforms as written in their document:
The CA Sync isn’t affected by the Facebook issue but sometimes you won’t be able to see the CA Facebook size percentage.

How does the CA syncing process works?

The CA will sync immediately the first time.
Immediately means: Time created (start) + Time to download the contacts + Time to upload the contacts.

Time to download the contacts depends from the CRM and the number of contacts.
This means that the first time you’ll see your CA usually in 1 hour.
The next update will start after 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours starting from the last sync as defined on your settings.

What happens if I delete the CA inside LeadsBridge?

Deleting the bridge will only interrupt the syncing between your Audience Source and Facebook through LeadsBridge. Please notice that the CA won’t be deleted on Facebook, this means that no data will be lost and no past or running campaigns will be affected.

If you want to delete your CA completely, you should also remove it manually from Facebook.