1. Everything you need to know about the new Facebook Pixel

Everything you need to know about the new Facebook Pixel

This guide refers to the new Facebook Pixel.

If you already know the recent changes about the new Facebook Pixel, please jump on the Getting started with the Pixel Enhancer.

The old pixels won’t be available starting from the second half of 2016. If you are still using the old pixels, be sure to upgrade before it’s too late!

What is changed

Facebook had two pixels before joint the two in one single Pixel.

  1. The Custom Audience Pixel (for WCA retargeting)
  2. The conversion Pixel

Since Facebook begins thinking about micro-conversions and behavioral tracking, it starts becoming more complex and that’s why we created the Pixel Enhancer.

Now, you can just create a Pixel (here the Ads Manager link) or use the same you used until now to do both custom audiences tracking and conversions tracking.


The good

Facebook adds the possibilities to use one single pixel to do everything and a lot more…

The best addition is the concept of “Event” (Facebook events) where you can track micro conversions, and create retargeting campaigns and lookalike audiences including people that are completing a micro conversion, giving you extremely powerful ways to convert users on what really matter.


The bad

Unfortunately, as a technology becomes more powerful it becomes also more complex, so it’s not so easy to apply everything correctly without the need of a tech guy, but don’t worry, LeadsBridge makes the process super easy and without the need of tech skills.


Standard and Custom Events

Facebook create two tier of events:

  1. Standard events
  2. Custom events

Standard events are the most used and most common for every single business, and they are extremely powerful to create a campaign with the “Website conversion” goal, using the event to optimize the campaign to reach people likely do that action.


Below the full list of Facebook Standard events:

eventi fb screensot1


As you can see, these events fire a specific action, and you can use these to optimize a campaign or create better retargeting campaigns.

Let’s do some examples.

Scenario 1

You’d like to track people that start the checkout process but didn’t complete the order and retarget them to recover sales.

So, you can fire the InitiateCheckout event ONLY inside your /checkout page.


Scenario 2

You’d like to track people that contact you through a webform and retarget them to stimulate them call you back and close a deal, or simply for brand awareness.

So, you can fire the Lead event ONLY on the form submission thank you page.


Scenario 3

You’d like to track people who search a specific keyword on your website, and retarget them with a specific offer.

So, you can fire the Search event ONLY on the search pages of your website.


Scenario 4

You’d like to simply track conversions, your sales.

So, you can fire the Purchase event on your thank you page.



Next step

The next step is to start using the LeadsBridge Pixel Enhancer, which fires the right event at the right time, all without going crazy in putting the right pixel on the right page of your site.

Click here to proceed learing how to use our Pixel Enhancer.