1. Facebook Dynamic Ads for Automotive

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Automotive

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for automotive is a great solution specifically designed for car manufacturers and car dealers.

What is Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads for automotive enable advertisers to upload the entire inventory of vehicles (product catalog), including relevant details for each vehicle (make, model, year, location, trim, vehicle state, pricing, other relevant details).

It then automatically generates ads for each specific vehicle to drive potential auto buyers to take an action (lead form submission, vehicle detail page, etc.)

You don’t need to create each ad separately. Just set up the campaign and Facebook’s Dynamic Ads will do the rest promoting your entire inventory of vehicles on Facebook and Instagram (depending on the ad placement you choose).

How it works?

Combining Dynamic Ads with the effectiveness of Facebook Lead Ads you can set up a powerful lead generation machine that enable to collect targeted leads, displaying a lead gen form when someone clicks on an item.

Dynamic Ads for Automotive are fully compatible with the Facebook Pixel/SDK and Custom Audiences, which enable you to show relevant items to targeted potential auto buyers who’ve already shown an interest in your business.

How do I integrate Dynamic Lead Ads?

LeadsBridge natively supports Facebook’s Dynamic Lead Ads for Automotive.

Just make sure to have your Lead Ads form connected on LeadsBridge and you will be ready to go!

Don’t worry if you don’t have it yet, you may create a bridge by looking at this doc here: How to create a bridge.

How can I identify lead’s interest?

Along with your Dynamic Lead Ads there is a “Retailer Item ID” information. This is the dynamic value that will help you recognize to which car (or product) your leads have signed up for.

PLEASE NOTE. To pass the item ID along with the lead’s information, you only need to have at least 1 lead collected from your Dynamic Lead Ad.

LeadsBridge will then show you the special field “Retailer Item ID“, that you may match with the vehicle “vin” field in the most common scenario for the automotive lead generation.


How to add a test lead on your Dynamic Ad

Ok but… what if you don’t have any leads on your form at the moment?

Don’t worry, if you didn’t collect any lead from the Dynamic Lead Ads yet, just make sure to follow these steps to add a test lead:

  1. Connect to your Facebook “Ads Manager”
  2. Select the Campaign and go at the “Ad” level
  3. Click onto the “Ad” to edit it
  4. Head to the upper-right corner and click the Ad Preview button as seen on the screenshot below
  5. Preview your Ad on the News Feed
  6. Once there just signup on your Dynamic Lead Form as a lead

Once done you will be able to see the Retailer Item Id field available on your LeadsBridge’s settings.


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