1. Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences TOS and policies

Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences TOS and policies

In order to use Facebook Lead Ads and LeadsBridge you need to accept:

  1. The Facebook Ads TOS:
  2. The Lead Ads TOS:


Note that the TOS must be accepted at Page level.

Facebook prohibits some specific action once the lead is collected, such as create a username and password inside the Lead Ads form.

LeadsBridge offers you custom integration and solutions, but we are not responsible of a potential ban or violation of Facebook Inc. TOS and policies.

You are responsible of your own action, even if you create a custom integration trough LeadsBridge.

LeadsBridge is free to terminate your account if you fail or ignore to comply the Facebook TOS and policies.


Privacy Policy in your Lead Ad

Facebook moreover require you have a clear Privacy Policy into your Lead Ads form. Please refer to your Ad account manager to get more information, or visit this page to generate a Lead Ads privacy policy (maintained by Iubenda).

If you are not sure about which Privacy policy provide into your Lead Adverts, please call your Accountant or your Layer for further information.


Custom Audiences TOS

In order to use Facebook Custom Audiences with LeadsBridge, you need to accept:

  1. The Facebook Custom Audiences Terms
  2. The Facebook Terms For Conversion Tracking, Custom Audiences From Your Website, and Custom Audiences From Your Mobile App

Moreover, while syncing your Custom List Custom Audiences with your CRM/ESP, you have to accept our TOS and to state that the data housed in your own CRM have been legally collected from reliable sources and that you have permission to use them for marketing purposes.

Importing data on Facebook without the express permission to use them, it may violate the law and result in the suspension of your Facebook advertising account and your  LeadsBridge account as well.