1. Facebook Limited Data Use – Breaking Change

Facebook Limited Data Use – Breaking Change

Recently, Facebook has updated its Facebook Offline Conversions API and Facebook Conversions API (formerly Server-Side API) to be compliant with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Due to this update, we noticed that Facebook is not populating your events anymore and some actions are required from your side in order to re-establish the normal functioning of those tools.


To support businesses with their compliance efforts, we’re introducing a new feature businesses can use to limit how we use the data they send to Facebook, called Limited Data Use. When a business applies this feature, it will direct Facebook to process information about people in California as the business’s Service Provider. That means we will limit how this information is processed as specified in our State-Specific Terms. When Limited Data Use is enabled, businesses may notice an impact on campaign performance and effectiveness, and retargeting and measurement capabilities will be limited.

Please, follow these guidelines very carefully and if you need assistance or have some related questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or click HERE.

How to restore the normal functioning of my Offline Conversions events?

In order to make your Offline Conversion event be compliant with this update you should follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Facebook account

  2. Go to the Business Manager and select the one where your events are being collected

  3. Then, go to the Events Manager

  4. Click on the Offline Event Set that you’ve connected with LeadsBridge

  5. Then, click on the Settings tab

  6. Flag the Enable full use of Customer Data under our Business Tools Terms from this data source unless an event has a Limited Data Use flag toggle as shown in the screenshot below:

    Facebook Limited Data Use

  7. Repeat these operations with each Offline Event Set that you’ve connected with LeadsBridge

What is Facebook Conversions API?

Facebook Conversions API is Facebook’s new way of sending events (e.g. conversions) to the Facebook platform giving the advertiser the opportunity to specify which data to send and therefore having full control of the data sent to the Facebook platform.

In an era where “browser-generated” events are less and less resilient due to browser changes and their security / privacy policies (Data resiliency: How to move past cookies with server to server tracking) Facebook Conversions API is a way to make your events resilient and continue receiving useful information about the results of your campaigns.

The main difference between Offline Conversions and Conversions API is related to the possibility of optimizing your campaigns based on the received events, something which until now was possible to obtain only through Facebook Pixel events generated in the browser (i.e. from web pages). On the other hand, with Offline Conversions, it is only possible to measure campaigns and results, without automatically optimizing the campaigns.

Conversions API is a new technology that Facebook is currently rolling out, this technology is already accessible to all advertisers, during the rollout LeadsBridge (as well as with Offline Conversion) is holding the role of FMP (Facebook Marketing Partner) and Integration “enabler”. To date, this feature can be enabled in LeadsBridge with a whitelisting request.

If you want to know more about Facebook Conversions API and how LeadsBridge can help you drop us an email to