1. Facebook privacy fields

Facebook privacy fields

Is it possible for LeadsBridge to receive leads information if they don’t accept the privacy consensus on the Facebook lead ad form?

The Facebook lead ads product gives advertisers an option to add their privacy policies and terms related to the recollection and use of personal data.

A lot of people are taking advantage of these mandatory or optional check-boxes. Advertisers need to add these fields on the Facebook side configuration. Here’s the official Facebook documentation.

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To answer the question, it depends on the case.

  1. The mandatory privacy check-box fields:
    If the lead checks the privacy fields on the Facebook lead ad, it will be sent to LeadsBridge, otherwise, it will not be sent to our app.

  2. The  optional privacy check-box fields:
    The lead will be sent to LeadsBridge whether they check the optional field or not the optional on the Facebook lead ad form, and the information will be passed with the bound value (true/false).

Is it possible to capture the privacy policy fields set up in a Lead Ads form and send them to my CRM?

Of course, Leads Ads bridges have been designed to capture the privacy policy fields as well. This allows you to have the value of these parameters from your collected leads and you may also match them with any field from your destination integration thanks to the field mapping step available in the LeadsBridge setup.

  1. If you are using mandatory fields, to track the positive consensus, you need to associate any field of your destination with the “yes” value. It’s obvious, that every lead that will arrive in LeadsBridge will have accepted the privacy field on Facebook, as stated above.
  2. If you are using optional fields, to track the positive/negative consensus, you should send a lead from Facebook to LeadsBridge, in this way LeadsBridge will be able to recognize and add the optional fields on the “fields mapping” step of the bridge. These fields will work like any other field (full name, email). Thanks to this trigger you will be able to map them with the destination field that you prefer and received the information in your destination platform.