1. Getting started with Custom Audiences

Getting started with Custom Audiences

LeadsBridge’s Custom Audience Sync is a tool to create retargeting audiences between your CRM/platform and Facebook. It gathers the information, such as email address and phone number, and keeps them always updated.

Create better ads targeting people with specific interests and behavior. Set and forget campaigns, use audiences mirrored with every stage of your funnel.

What’s new

  • Introduced custom fields and multiple values fields to empower ads efficiency
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Multi-source integration
  • New bridge UI and all-around user experience improved
  • Filter contacts by conditions to create specific segments directly in LeadsBridge
  • Introduced the Audience Manager to have all the information about audiences at a glance

Custom Audience Overview

Custom Fields

By accessing more information from your CRM/platform, Facebook can create more profiled Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences to target with advertising, improving the efficiency of the ads.

Not only you can sync basic info such as the email and the phone number, but also the First and Last name, Birthday, Country, Zipcode, State, City, and Gender. Map as many fields as possible to achieve higher performing data matching to people on Facebook.


Email and Phone Number are also special fields where you may add up to 3 email addresses and phone numbers in order to increase the chance to match with the ones your clients use on Facebook.


Customer Lifetime Value

Include the Lifetime Value of your clients/leads to create value-based Lookalike Audience. That Lookalike Audience will then be made up of the people most similar to your highest value customers, while a regular Lookalike Audience can only find people similar to all your clients/leads.

The LTV allows Facebook to focus on an audience similar to the clients who spend more money in the long run.


Feed one Custom Audience for your retargeting campaigns with multiple sources by combining them all into the same audience.

You may use different integrations – such as two different CRMs – or different segments of the same integration, as two different lists of your customer’s platform.

Source Filter

Segment contacts by filtering them based on certain conditions. This is useful when you have big lists, or rather when you’d like to retarget only a group of people, excluding other contacts that don’t match filter’s conditions added.

Learn more: How do I use the Source Filter?

Audience Manager

Along with the new Custom Audiences Sync, we introduced an improved version of our manager, with powerful additions:

  • See the last audience size synced
  • Check the History of the sync processes
    • See the last execution date and time, contacts synced, added or removed.
    • See the last error received
    • Download the CSV report of the sync
  • Simulate the next run



LeadsBridge automatically detects and try to fix errors like wrong date format, wrong column format or wrong API responses for some specific records.

Simulation mode provides you with the opportunity to test the sync process, to elaborate source data, without sending any information to Facebook. The outcome is the CSV report in order to verify the information processed.

You can reap the benefits of the Custom Audience Sync in all of our plans.