1. Getting Started with Disruptive Forms

Getting Started with Disruptive Forms

Disruptive Forms are a tool that allows you to generate pre-filled and enriched forms, which can be added on any website, and help you to easily collect leads online.

With the pre-fill option feature, the information will be entered through user recognition and patent-pending technology that fill the form on behalf of the user, with 91% matching public web-data.

The cross-device recognition technology automatically recognizes additional devices belonging to the same person, pre-filling forms no matter what device is being used.

These forms are part of LeadsBridge which means that you can connect them with any destination we currently have and will have in the future, directly from our platform!

How does it work?

The user easily enters the email address, and Disruptive Forms does the rest!

If a lead submits their information through a Disruptive Form present on another website, then when they’d like to fill one of your forms it will be pre-filled with that same information each time.

The creation of a personalized form can be done because of the possibility to choose from a template containing a set of predefined fields and their configuration.

There are also different options regarding the graphic appearance of the form that allows you to customize it’s aesthetics, from WYSIWYG to Custom CSS.

How do I create a Disruptive Form?

These forms are created on the LeadsBridge app and the process it’s simple and easy.

You may follow this documentation to build your form: How to create Disruptive Forms.

Where do I manage my Forms?

All the forms created are shown in the Disruptive Forms section of your account that you see on the left menu.


Disruptive Forms FAQ’s

If you have any further questions about Disruptive Forms, you may check our frequently asked questions article.