1. Getting Started with SMS Marketing

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is becoming more popular than ever before because of the importance of phones to people. […] SMS marketing is under-utilized and under-appreciated by most businesses because of its simplicity. SMS seems like an old term but that does not mean it is not relevant provided you have a great SMS marketing strategy in place.

5 SMS marketing strategies to engage your new leads and convert them into high lifetime value customers

Actually, the SMS marketing process allows you to generate a connection with the contact and, consequently, to increase the possibility of selling.

One of the main advantages of SMS marketing is that it can exponentially increase the rate at which messages are opened. In fact, you will have surely noticed how difficult it is to have one of your contacts open an e-mail message.

In LeadsBridge we know it! That’s why you can automatically send SMS notification or welcome SMS to your leads, as soon as you collect them.

Let’s dig it.

SMS by LeadsBridge Overview

As mentioned earlier, with this powerful and easy to setup SMS integration provided by LeadsBridge, there are two different scenarios.

SMS Notification

SMS Notification logo

SMS Notification is a sales-oriented tool that notifies you or your sales reps when a new prospect enters into your pipeline or funnel. Keeping your sales team updated in real time about new leads coming in can increase conversion rates and/or move your leads further down the funnel in a shorter amount of time.

Long story short, it allows you to receive SMS with the lead details directly on your mobile phone!

With the SMS Notification integration, you may send SMS to:

  • One agent at a time
  • To all the agents at the same time
  • Round-robin: to a different agent for each lead collected

Read more: How to configure the SMS Notification

Welcome SMS

Welcome SMS logo

LeadsBridge Welcome SMS is the automation tool to send automatic follow-ups to your leads.

SMS to leads is the alternative asset to reach your new leads with a welcome SMS. Combining the already higher open rates of welcome messages with the average 90% open rates of text-messaging, SMS to leads allows you to connect with your audience in perfect timing and convert your new leads into customers.

The Welcome SMS can be useful for:

  • Sending a welcome text to the lead that just filled your form
  • Delivering a lead magnet, a white paper, or another gift promised on your Ad, through a link
  • Delivering coupons and more

Read more: How to configure the Welcome SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

How SMS credits works

Credit is the name given to the SMS unit used to send messages to agents or leads.

Credits usage may vary based on the destination country to which the SMS is being sent. All carriers included.

  • United States: 1 credit for each SMS message
  • Rest of the World: 10 credits for each SMS message

Credits will be deducted from the total number of messages sent. Notice that the maximum length for each SMS message is 160 characters, so SMS messages that go beyond this length will be dispatched as multiple SMS message parts.

For example, if you send a 3 part SMS message (480 characters long) to your lead in the United States, this will cost you 3 credits (3 SMS * 1 credit/each = 3 credits), while if you send the same SMS message to France, it will cost you 30 credits (3 SMS * 10 credits/each = 30 credits).

All plans include 100 free SMS credits. You can buy Credit Packs to extend your SMS credits.

SMS Usage

To check how many SMS credits you’ve spent so far, just have a look at the main menu inside the LeadsBridge app. You’ll see the SMS item under the USAGE section.

The bar displays the number of used credits within your credit limit (in the screenshot below 0 have been used out of 100).

sms usage

To see further details on your SMS Credit Balance, click on the SMS bar item under USAGE, on the left menu. Over there you can also buy SMS Credit Packs.


How to buy SMS Credit Packs

Credit Packs reduce unitary credit price significantly and you won’t be charged with periodic fees. This gives you greater freedom and lets you control how much you want to spend and when. Pay only for what you need.

In order to buy Credit Packs, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Open the SMS Credit Balance section by clicking on the SMS bar item under USAGE, on the left menusms usage
  2. Then, click on the Buy SMS Credits button
  3. Select the SMS package that fits your needs
  4. Finally, click on Buy Now to add those credits to your accountsmscreditpacks