1. Getting started with the Conversion Sync

Getting started with the Conversion Sync

Offline Conversion Sync by LeadsBridge is a tool designed to give advertisers more clarity about their marketing efforts, by letting them know which offline conversion happen because of their online advertising campaigns.

It allows pushing back CRM data to understand better the ROI of your campaigns.

It is possible to share in detail information to Facebook about your customers’ offline behavior, such as what kind of color and product they bought (e.g. “red woman shoes”). You can also give a name to a particular purchase, in order to keep track of it.

When an offline conversion happens, you can see it in a column of the corresponding ad on Facebook Manager.


What’s new

  • Introduced custom fields and multiple values fields to empower ads efficiency
  • Multi-source integration
  • New bridge UI and all-around user experience improved
  • Filter contacts by conditions to create specific segments directly in LeadsBridge
  • Introduced the Conversion Manager to have all the information about audiences at a glance

Custom Audience Overview

Custom Fields

By accessing more information from your CRM/platform, Facebook can create more profiled Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences to target with advertising, improving the efficiency of the ads.

Not only you can sync basic info such as the email and the phone number, but also the First and Last name, Birthday, Country, Zipcode, State, City, and Gender. Map as many fields as possible to achieve higher performing data matching to people on Facebook.


Email and Phone Number are also special fields where you may add up to 3 email addresses and phone numbers in order to increase the chance to match with the ones your clients use on Facebook.


Custom Data

Custom Data can be used for creating segments in your reporting or building custom audiences next. Custom Data is not used for matching offline events to people on Facebook.

While configuring the Conversion, select one or more information you’d like to add inside the Custom Data field, for example the Category and the Location of a customer’s order, specifying both the field name and the value.



Feed one Offline Conversion with multiple sources by combining them all into the same audience.

You may use different integrations – such as two different CRMs – or different segments of the same integration, as two different lists of your customer’s platform.

Source Filter

Segment contacts by filtering them based on certain conditions. This is useful when you have big lists, or rather when you’d like to retarget only a group of people, excluding other contacts that don’t match filter’s conditions added.

Learn more: How do I use the Source Filter?

Conversion Manager

Along with the new Offline Conversions Sync, we introduced an improved version of our manager, with powerful additions:

  • See the last audience size synced
  • Check the History of the sync processes
    • See the last execution date and time, transactions synced, added or removed.
    • See the last error received
    • Download the CSV report of the sync
  • Simulate the next run



LeadsBridge automatically detects and try to fix errors like wrong date format, wrong column format or wrong API responses for some specific records.

Simulation mode provides you with the opportunity to test the sync process, to elaborate source data, without sending any information to Facebook. The outcome is the CSV report in order to verify the information processed.