1. How Double Opt-in works with Lead Ads

How Double Opt-in works with Lead Ads

Double Opt-in is a CRM/Autoresponder feature that DOES NOT DEPENDS on LeadsBridge.

This means that every CRM/Autoresponder has their own double opt-in process you can setup from within your CRM/Autoresponder account.

LeadsBridge does not have any double opt-in process.


When you see a double opt-in option building a new integration, it’s because the CRM/Autoresponder gave us the option to activate the double opt-in.

Mailchimp is a typical example.

But that double opt-in option is offered by the CRM/Autoresponder, and is not offered by LeadsBridge.


The double opt-in can confuse when you are testing the Bridge, so please, be aware in the test phase if you have it activated or not.