1. How LeadsBridge counts the Custom Audiences contacts

How LeadsBridge counts the Custom Audiences contacts

To count the contacts in LeadsBridge Custom Audiences we sum all the people sent for the CA Sent Size.


Here an example:

Today you have 8000 subscribers on your Autoresponder/CRM, and you sync all of them with a Facebook Custom Audience.

The following month you have collected additional 1000 subscribers, but 200 people unsubscribe from your lists.

The total number of contacts synced by LeadsBridge with Facebook Custom Audience is:

8000 + 1000 – 200 = 8800 contacts

N:B: LeadsBridge, to protect yourself and your Facebook account will not sync unsubscribes and deleted leads, they will be deleted from your Custom Audience.


How many contacts can I sync with LeadsBridge?

The total of contacts allowed and synced in LeadsBridge Custom Audiences Sync tool depends on the plan.


Can I know how many CA I still have?

The left navigation sidebar in the app shows a lot of informations and also how many contacts you have already synced (used/total).