1. How often are leads synced to the CRM/Autoresponder?

How often are leads synced to the CRM/Autoresponder?

LeadsBridge uses the Facebook Real-Time Updates to sync your leads with your CRM/Autoresponder list.

This means your leads will be synced in real-time.


Be aware that we provide a real-time sync system which can undergo delay NOT caused by LeadsBridge.

These are the 2 main causes if you see a delay in the lead syncing process:

  1. Facebook Real-Time Updates can sometimes have problems, we have an Emergency Sync technology that will sync the leads to your account every 5 minutes.
  2. Your CRM/Autoresponder refresh your Dashboard with a delay, for example, LeadsBridge syncs the lead now, the lead receive the welcome email from your CRM/Autoresponder but you see the lead listed on your Dashboard only 5 minutes later.


Below an infographic that shows you how the real-time process works.

real-time lb


If the problem persist may be a problem with the connection, so please contact us and we will be ready to solve the problem.