1. How to add a Facebook Ad Account?

How to add a Facebook Ad Account?

Connecting your Facebook Ad Account is most important if you want to retrieve leads from your Facebook Lead Ads or to create Facebook Offline Conversions and Custom Audiences.

Follow these steps to add your Facebook Ad Account in LeadsBridge:

  1. Log out from Facebook.
  2. Go into your Ad Accounts area under Facebook Suite section inside LeadsBridge.
  3. Click on the Add New button and you’ll be redirected to the Facebook login page:
  4. Log in with the credentials of the Facebook account you want to connect with LeadsBridge.
  5. Click on the “Log In” button.
  6. Now the Facebook Ad Account is connected to LeadsBridge.

Facebook shows Pages and Ad Accounts to third-party apps through personal Facebook accounts.

Facebook Ad Account Roles

There are three different roles for a Facebook Ad Account: Admin, Advertiser, and Analyst. You need to have an Advertiser or Admin role to access the Ad related fields when retrieving leads.
Learn more here.

Facebook Business Manager Roles

There are two different types of roles for business employees or partner businesses, those are Admin and Employee; both work with LeadsBridge.
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How to remove a Facebook Ad Account?

To remove a Facebook Ad Account you should first delete or change account in any bridges that are using the Ad Account you’ll like to delete.
If you want to know which bridges are connected to a specific Facebook Ad Account you should follow the steps below:

  1. Go into the Ad Account area under Facebook Suite section inside LeadsBridge
  2. Select the Ad Account you want to delete using the checkbox under column
  3. Click on Delete button and then click again on Delete in the confirmation window
  4. After that, you might receive an ERROR message with the bridges connected into that Ad Account
    error deleting facebook ad account
  5. Then you should delete or modify the bridges connected to that account in order to be able to remove the Ad Account