1. How to embed Disruptive Forms on ClickFunnels

How to embed Disruptive Forms on ClickFunnels

  1. Log into ClickFunnels
  2. Add a New Section: You can add a new section by either clicking Add New Section on the page or by selecting the Sections tab in the right toolbar and clicking Add New Section.
    Schermata 2018-07-02 alle 12.31.14
  3. Next, Add a New Row and Container: You can add a new row by clicking Add New Row on the page and by selecting a Container in the containers box.
    Schermata 2018-06-29 alle 14.39.38
    The Container allows you to separate elements across a single row with different widths.
    Schermata 2018-06-29 alle 14.39.45
  4. Then, Add the Custom HTML element provided by LeadsBridge: You can add a new element to the page by clicking Add New Element on the page and then in the element types box selecting the Custom JS/HTML Element and clicking Add to Page.
    Schermata 2018-06-29 alle 14.41.58
    Schermata 2018-06-29 alle 14.42.04
  5. The next step is to set up your Custom JS/HTML Element by pasting or writing your code into the settings box for the element.
    Schermata 2018-06-29 alle 14.47.20
  6. To see the Form on your page you should Publish the form directly without clicking on the Preview button.

For further information about Disruptive Forms check the following documentation: