1. How to identify the best CRM segment for your Conversion Sync

How to identify the best CRM segment for your Conversion Sync

This is a quick and simple guide to understanding how to identify the best segment of your CRM to push back data on Facebook.

If you missed it, please refer to this doc for a quick overview of the Conversion Sync tool.


The Conversion Sync tool has been developed to push a customer list back to Facebook, to determine how many sales and how much revenue you generated from each campaign.

This tool will be the super helpful to better track conversions especially if sales are generated not through a webpage.

If your business relies on a sales team, if you close deals by check/bank transfer, if your activity on online channels is just the lead generation, then this tool is a must have to better analyze your business results.

Local businesses will certainly improve their results thanks to the Conversion Sync, understanding where to put more money thanks to the better conversion tracking.

Identify the CRM custom segment

The Conversion Sync tool has to work with a native integration (usually custom integrations cannot be used).

This tool will simply tell to Facebook how many sales and revenue you tracked with your CRM, so Facebook will analyze the data and assign conversions to the right campaign.

Obviously, you can’t push the whole CRM customers/leads base with the Conversion Sync. This is really important to not have the wrong data synchronized with Facebook.

Leads vs Customers vs Pipeline

Each system has a different management so, when a lead became a customer there is something you change on that profile to identify the lead as a new customer.

You should already know how you and your team tags these customers.

If you are using an object (i.e. Leads, Customers) would be easier to understand where they are.

If you are using a pipeline, you may use only leads moved to the stage “Won deals” to identify the right segment to push back on Facebook.


Dynamic list concept

Is possible also to create a bridge with a dynamic list of your CRM. Not all CRM out there have a similar capability but it would be great to segment your data in a very smart and flexible way, and eventually use it to push back conversions to Facebook.


Conversion values / Revenue

The Conversion Sync bridge has been developed to push also how much each customer paid so you’ll able to identify a real ROI of your campaign.

The values are simply:

  1. Currency
  2. Price

If you are storing these values in your CRM as well you’ll able to use them on Facebook by just mapping two custom fields.


Please, if you’d like to jump on a call and see how this can be implemented with your CRM, feel free to contact us and will be a pleasure to help you.