1. How to test CRM/autoresponder connection

How to test CRM/autoresponder connection

You should test the connection every time you create a new bridge
Bridges have a Test step that allows you to check the connection built between the two systems and make sure that everything’s working properly.

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You may do the test by typing in some information in the mock-up form or using an existing lead already collected in your source.
Once done, click on the “Test Now” button. Once the test ends, the button will change, turning green with the word “Synced,” which means that LeadsBridge properly sent the lead into your CRM/System, receiving a success reply from the destination provider. Otherwise, it will turn red with the word “Error.”

If you’d like some further details on the request sent, you may use the “Debug” button, explained below.

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What can I do if I see the red “Error” button?

When the destination provider replies with an error, a message pops up on the screen with further detail on the response.

The error message comes up when there is a connectivity issue, or data error preventing the lead from entering the destination system. Pay attention to the text as a lot of the time it also indicates the exact reason allowing you to fix it quickly.

Error messages are of different natures. They can depend on your CRM/destination platform’s connection, fields requiring only specific values, or a fields matching error. If you need help to fix it, you can contact our support from the LeadsBridge portal and they will do their best to making your leads synced.

What’s the “Debug” button?

Clicking on the Debug button, you’ll automatically send a lead to your system. This button lets you see the detailed data transmitted and the response from their servers.

  • “RESULT = SUCCESS”: the lead was sent correctly to the destination or CRM.
  • “RESULT = ERROR”: there’s an error with the data, it usually gives further detail so you may make the changes necessary.
    If the error’s not clear or you have some doubts, reach out to our customer success team directly from the support portal, and they will lend you a hand.