1. Importing old leads

Importing old leads

LeadsBridge automatically sync leads collected after the bridge’s creation date, as soon as the bridge is in “Ready” status. Old collected leads, or to be more precise, leads collected before the bridge’s creation date, should be synced manually if needed.

For example, if you create and publish a bridge on Novembre 6th, LeadsBridge will sync leads starting from November 6th, while leads collected in the days before will not be synced automatically.

Currently, bulk actions are not available because mass import operations could be interpreted as a TOS violation by your CRM/platform. You may, however, sync old leads manually, one at a time.

How to sync old collected leads

To sync leads collected before the bridge’s creation date, you should open the bridge’s table where you can see all the leads collected within the active source (a Facebook Lead Ads form, for example).

  1. Head to the navigation menu and click on Bridges to open the Bridges section.
  2. Locate the bridge you’d like to sync old leads.
  3. Click on the blue Leads button to open the relative bridge table.
  4. Click on the Sync button for each lead you’d like to sync, one at a time.



What if I need to sync many leads?

If you need to sync many leads at one time, we may do it for you following a secure procedure, so no one will be hurt by this action.

Please contact our support and we’ll be happy to sync your previously collected leads.