1. Is everything working fine?

Is everything working fine?

Ok, you setup a bridge, the Lead Ads campaign is running, now what?

You should know if everything is working fine, right?

If you want to know more, have a look below.

Test the Lead Ads

The next step is registering through the Lead Ads.

Through this process, you’ll completely test the system by walking through the same process as your users.

How to add yourself as a lead to your Lead Ads campaign

You don’t need to start a campaign to test if the system works fine. You only need to register yourself through an Ad.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. If you didn’t, create and publish a Lead Ads campaign.
  2. Now you need to preview an Ad to see the Lead Ad (now available on your desktop)
  3. Register yourself as a lead and then check if you (as a lead) have been imported into your CRM/Autoresponder.

Below are some screenshots depicting how to preview the Ad and register yourself as a lead.

Open the Lead Ads campaign and go to the Ad, then click “Preview”.


Open the “Permalink with comments” link and click on the CTA of the Ad.


Now register yourself as a lead.


Once you have added yourself as a lead, you can verify that the WHOLE system is working properly and you can begin the Lead Ads campaign.