1. Functions – Field Matching

Functions – Field Matching

In the “Fields Matching” step of the bridge you can match Destination fields in two ways:

1. Directly with the source fields using the “Custom Fields.”
2. With the source fields using the “Functions.”

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We have 56 functions different functions; we can group them in this way:

  1. Add prefix functions: to add a prefix before a specific parameter
  2. Boolean functions: they return 0/1 or TRUE/FALSE depending on the logic you set up.
  3. Date/Time functions: the date/time functions can be used to set up a  format date and time in several ways.
  4. Phone format functions: the phone number functions can be used to remove/add the prefix or return the phone number with a specific format (+CAT; +C-A-T, etc.)
  5. String functions: with them, you can return a string with specific characteristics. You can split the full name in the first name and the last name; returns a string with the only numbers; replace characters;
  6. Utils functions: with the utils functions you can return a random IP, a country code, a US State and so on.