1. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms FAQ’s

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms FAQ’s

Welcome to our LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms FAQ’s article, here we’ll answer the most frequent questions we receive from you.

To get started and connect your LinkedIn account head over here and follow the steps provided.

What are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

Lead Gen Forms are pre-filled forms for advertisers to collect quality leads on LinkedIn, letting members send you their professional info with just a couple of clicks. Read more on LinkedIn’s website.

How to add a user to a LinkedIn Ad Account

To add a user to your ads account:

  1. Sign in to the Campaign Manager
  2. Click the correct account name
  3. Near the top right of the account page, click the settings icon next to the account name and select Manage access from the dropdown
  4. Click Edit on the top right
  5. Search the user you’d like to have added to your ads account (you may also paste in the member’s LinkedIn public profile URL)
  6. Now select the role for the user. Please make sure the role is at least Account Manager, Campaign Manager or Creative Manager to be able to connect the LinkedIn account with LeadsBridge.

How to remove LeadsBridge from a LinkedIn account

To remove LeadsBridge from the third-party apps connected to your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Go to your Profile Settings > Account tab
  2. Scroll down to Partners and Services
  3. Click on Permitted Services
  4. Then click “Remove” beside the LeadsBridge app.