1. MS Dynamics on Premise

MS Dynamics on Premise

Because the “On-Premises” version is a bit “closed” we need to understand how do you currently send the leads into your CRM.

Typically it’s possible to retrieve the information from a tech guy inside the company that knows how to send the leads to your system.

Here are some ways typically used to integrate with this CRM:

HTML form: we can use a contact form already available on your website or if you have a form builder feature, we can use that feature to generate the form inside the CRM. In this case, we will use your form to send the leads. We would only need from you the URL where the form is already available so we can run some tests.

Email Grabber: if your system can receive an email and parse the content, LeadsBridge will be able to send all the lead information inside that email to your system. This is what we call Inbox Notifier (Email) or Email Grabber (where you will be free to define exactly in which format you want to receive the data)

SOAP/REST API: if you already have developed a way to interact with your CRM using XML, JSON, HTTP POST/GET, LeadsBridge can call that API. In this case, we would only need an example of the request that we need to send.

CSV on FTP: we can deposit (or fill) a CSV/TXT file with each lead received into your FTP server also.