1. MTU – FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTU?

Monthly Tracked Units (MTU) is a measurement based on the number of data (leads, contacts, conversions, events, orders, etc.) automatically synced and managed by LeadsBridge.

How can I estimate my MTUs?

To get an estimation of your ideal MTU quota, sum the amount of leads, contacts, conversions, events, and any other data you would like to sync, update and manage on a monthly basis.

How many MTUs do I need if I capture and sync 10,000 leads per month?

You need a 10,000 MTU quota.

How many MTUs do I need if I sync 10,000 leads and 5,000 conversions per month?

You need a 15,000 MTU quota.

How many MTUs do I need if I sync an Audience containing 1 million contacts?

At the time of the first Audience upload, a quota of 1 million of MTU will be consumed.
Next, only updated contacts (added or removed) will affect your MTU quota.
For instance, if 50,000 contacts are added to an existing Audience, and 50,000 contacts are removed from an existing Audience, a quota of 100,000 MTUs will be consumed.

If a contact in my Audience has 5 attributes (i.e.first name, last name, email, phone, zip code) will I consume 5 MTUs?

No, attributes of a unique contact are not considered as MTU.
1 contact containing 5 attributes will be counted as 1 MTU.

What happens if I exceed the MTU quota?

When you reach your MTU quota we will send you a suspension notification. We will give you the opportunity to avoid any service interruption, with the upgrade subscription plan option, any time inside the APP, or when we send you MTU quota notification emails.
If you don’t want to upgrade your subscription plan, you’ll need to wait for the MTU counter to be reset, in the following month, in order to start working again on your sync.

Can I have visibility on the MTU quota I consumed in a month?

Yes, inside the LeadsBridge App, you will see a counter with both consumed and overall MTU quota.

When the MTU counter will be reset?

The MTU counter is reset a monthly basis, every month on the same day you subscribed.
For instance, if you create your LeadsBridge account on June 10th, the MTU counter will be reset on July 10th.

If I do not consume my MTU quota this month, can I use the unused quota in the next month?

No, the unused MTU quota will not be added to the quota in the next month.

Will I get notified when I’m reaching my quota limit?

Yes, the following email addresses will get notified:

  • The email address which owns the account (aka Superuser)
  • Every Teammate (with Admin and Client roles)
  • Every email address specified in the Alert Notifications area

When I will get notified when I’m reaching my quota limit?

You will receive three different notifications when you reach 80%, 90%, and 100% of your quota.
Finally, if you haven’t upgraded your plan, you’ll receive a suspension notification.

Will my tests leads get counted?

No, any test that you send from the Test Step of your Bridge, won’t be counted.
Please note that test leads sent from any tool outside the LeadsBridge platform will be counted (i.e.: Facebook Lead Ads testing tool).

What happens if my Conversions and Audiences size is higher than my available MTU quota?

If your Conversions or Audiences size is higher than your available MTU, they will be initially synced and then you’ll be notified if you have reached your MTU quota.
For instance:

  1. Your MTU counter is currently at 90 MTU and your limit is 100 MTU, this means that if you arrive at 110 MTU you’ll have reached your over quota limit (110%)
  2. Your Audience begins the scheduled syncing process, 30 contacts get added and 20 contacts get removed (50 MTU)
  3. Once the syncing process is finished, your MTU count will be at 140 MTU, triggering the warning that you’ve reached your over quota limit and you should upgrade your plan or wait till the end of the month to continue syncing units

How my segments will get counted if they’re synced from the same source to different platforms?

MTU stands for Units and not Users, this means that if you sync the same segment (i.e. clients) to more than one platform (using different bridges), they will be counted once for each of these bridges, where they get synced.
For instance, if you’ve 100 clients in your Source and you sync them to your Facebook Custom Audiences and your Google Customer Match, they will be counted as 200 MTU.

Will Units filtered in LeadsBridge UI get counted?

No, units filtered in the LeadsBridge UI won’t get counted since there’s no syncing process with the Destination, just with the Source.

While syncing a unit I’ve received an error from my Destination, it will be counted as an MTU?

No, only automatically synced leads will be counted as a Unit.

I’ve already collected leads in my form/platform before the Bridge creation will they get counted?

No, Bridges Platform-to-Platform and Forms-to-Platform will sync only the units collected after the Bridge creation.