1. Pixel Enhancer – Advanced settings

Pixel Enhancer – Advanced settings

Pixel Enhancer is a tool to simplify the process of the new Facebook Pixel management but also to create better audiences and advanced behavioral targeting.

In this doc, we are going to cover the advanced rules you can configure and push into Facebook using the Pixel Enhancer.

If you didn’t, please refer to the main doc to get started with Pixel Enhancer.

The advanced event firing

Every single event has advanced options which let you fire the same events only when an action happens on your website.



The Event Picker

To let the event be fired only when the visitor clicks somewhere, use the onclick option to select the link/button/text which will be responsible for firing the event.

To launch the Event Picker, just click on the button showed in the screenshot below.



A popup will appear to confirm the URL, then just click on the “Open” button to launch the picker.



You’ll visit your website page where you should select the link/button/text that activates the event.


As you can on the screenshot above, we fire the event AddToCart when the users click on the button “Start your 7-day free trial”.


Track Conversion values


You can also pass the conversion values on Facebook, just repeat the process explained above.

The values will give you exactly what an Ad campaign has converted, with the revenue and the currency of the product.

As you can see, every event can have 2 advanced settings:

  1. Currency
  2. Value (i.e. product price)

LeadsBridge Pixel Enhancer will pass these data to Facebook using the same process.


With the Event Picker, you can choose the text where is displayed the Value and the currency of the product.



In the screenshot above, selecting this element on the checkout page, Pixel Enhancer passes the currency and the value of the product bought.

If you have any questions regarding the setup of your Pixel do not hesitate to contact us!