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  1. Question Insights – Build surveys with Facebook Lead Ads

Question Insights – Build surveys with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads has been used as a lead generation tool until now, but here in LeadsBridge, we think that Lead Ads has enormous potential as a survey/market research tool.

In fact, we released our Question Insights tool to give you the ability to extract relevant data from the answers of your leads.

Below a video that shows you an example of data extracted by one of our Lead Ads campaigns.



As you can see, apart from having collected leads, we also got valuable information about our potential customers who helped us make important decisions and better evaluate our advertising investments.

The possibilities are endless. You can extract everything you want with our Question Insights, just by asking the right questions.

A practical example

Assume you run a Lead Ads campaign and collect 10,000 leads. These leads responded to your multi-choice question, but you have 100 responses that you can’t evaluate.

Let’s say that you asked this question:

How many children do you have?

Users could choose from three options:


  • None
  • 1-2 children
  • 3 or more


In this scenario, Question Insights will elaborate the data for you, telling you that:


  1. 1400 leads have NO children (14%)
  2. 7921 leads have 1-2 children (79.21%)
  3. 679 leads have 3 or more children (6.79%)


Knowing this information helps you:


  • Target a more specific audience on Facebook
  • Create a more specific message
  • Drive sales because of customer knowledge


And of course, this is just the simplest example; the possibilities are endless. You can get the most out of your Lead Ads simply by using an extremely helpful tool available only on LeadsBridge.