1. Single-use coupons to Lead Ads leads

Single-use coupons to Lead Ads leads

LeadsBridge gives you the ability to send Welcome Emails to the collected leads through Lead Ads.

Please click here to have more info regarding the native Welcome Email tool.


What single-use coupon means?

A single-use coupon is a generated coupon delivered only to ONE person.


How to it works?

The Single-use Coupons must be used with the LeadsBridge Welcome Email tool.

Below a video that shows you how to integrate them with Lead Ads.




Coupons must be pre-generated, LeadsBridge does not generate your coupons. Coupons should be generated by your Ecommerce platform.


How do I use them?


Just insert the variable [COUPON] in the body of your Welcome Email, and LeadsBridge will send a coupon per lead.

Be sure of inserting your whole coupons list inside the bridge.




How they are delivered?

Assuming the you have 4 single-use coupon codes:

  1. AAA111
  2. BBB222
  3. CCC333
  4. DDD444

Each coupon will be delivered to one single lead:

Lead 1 => AAA111

Lead 2 => BBB222

Lead 3 => CCC333

Lead 4 => DDD444

Where can I add the Coupons to send?

In the LeadsBridge Welcome Email bridge settings you’ll be able to paste your coupons code in a simple field. LeadsBridge will send a code to each user subscribes with your Facebook Ad Form.

How can I generate Single-use coupons?

Depending on your platform you can generate Single-use coupons in different ways.

If you are selling on Amazon, you can watch this video on how to create single-use coupons.

If you are using WooCommerce, you can use this plugin.

If you are using Shopify, you can use this extension.