1. The perfect and most productive flow

The perfect and most productive flow

As an advertiser you know that time is everything and in this doc we’ll show you how to follow the perfect flow, the best way to setting up everything correctly.

The infographic below shows you the 3 steps you should follow to create and set everything in less time.

prefect flow


Step 0

Well, of course, the Step zero is something that should already be done. I’m talking about your Email Marketing strategy.

If you are using email marketing automation in your business, then you should have a ready follow-up sequence for example, so leads that come with your email marketing software can receive immediately what you are offering.

Step 1

The first things to do is create your bridge, in this way before just collecting the first lead with Lead Ads you have everything ready.

So create your bridge and if needed, the Lead Ads form. You can create your form just inside LeadsBridge while building your bridge.

Once the bridge is perfectly done, included the fields mapping, you can proceed to the step 2.

Step 2

Go to your Power Editor and create your Lead Ads campaign.

Step 3

Once created you should preview your Ad that is linked to the Lead Ads form selected and verify registering yourself as a lead that you are correctly synced with your CRM/Autoresponder.

This process is not mandatory but highly recommended because every time something can go wrong, or maybe just a single field it’s not in the right place.

Tip: If you have previously created your Lead Ads form, you can avoid waiting that Facebook approves your campaign. Just use one of your Ad that uses that form (doesn’t matter which one, just be sure that you are using the same form) and you can test the connection with your CRM/Autoresponder even before creating the campaign.