1. What happen to already subscribed leads?

What happen to already subscribed leads?

A person who submits a Lead Ad form but is already subscribed to the list of your choice, could create a disconnect between your number of collected leads and the number of your subscribers.

LeadsBridge syncs every single lead with your CRM/Autoresponder, but how leads that are already subscribed are handled depends on your CRM/Autoresponder, and not LeadsBridge.

There are some Autoresponders that simply don’t sync an already subscribed lead, while others, like Infusionsoft, let users receive your emails.

If some subscribers aren’t receiving your emails, please check your CRM/Autoresponder documentation to verify how the lists work and how they handle emails that are already on that list.

If you’d like to know which leads are not synced with your CRM/Autoresponder, please go to “Bridges” page and click on the number below, you’ll see exactly which leads are not being synced.