1. Why aren’t leads syncing?

Why aren’t leads syncing?

If your leads are not syncing, or are not synced with your CRM/Autoresponder, you could be experiencing one of a few different issues. Verify the problem below, but if none of these match your issue, contact support immediately.

1) Facebook problem

The problem could be on Facebook, or on your Facebook connection with LeadsBridge.

To verify simply click on “View Leads” on the bridges page of your LeadsBridge account:


If the list is empty, there is a problem with your campaigns or maybe the campaign has not generated leads until now.

A good practice is to click on “Download CSV”.

download csv

If the downloaded CSV is empty, there is something wrong on the Facebook side (i.e., not LeadsBridge).

To solve this problem, verify that the campaign is running and that it has generated some leads.

2) CRM/Autoresponder problem

In the Bridges’ page you can find a column where we show the collected leads, and any resulting errors (if any).



The first number is the total collected leads by Lead Ads. The second number (in blue) is the number of leads that had an error by the CRM/Autoresponder.

Click on that number to determine the types of errors, and then contact your CRM/Autoresponder for more details on the errors.

The reasons for any errors can be different: they could being rejected by your provider due to various issues like an invalid email address, an already subscribed lead, or a hard bounce.

3) Previously collected leads

If you have collected leads before using LeadsBridge, please read this doc.