The best leads deserve a pipeline

When someone books a meeting with you, whether it's a simple call or a demo, it’s a demonstration of a strong interest in what you sell, isn’t it?

So, why leave them out your CRM?

LeadsBridge takes care of your best leads syncing your calendars and appointment scheduler software with over 200 CRMs.

This gives you a better pipeline with your best leads, so you can focus on closing deals with them ;)



With your current CRM

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How does it work?

Create a bridge

Create a bridge between your CRM and your calendar or appointment scheduler software.

Get busy!

Leads book a meeting with you.


LeadsBridge will store leads into your CRM, instantly.

Meetings as your 1st Lead Gen tool

For sales teams who leverage demos to close deals.

For busy entrepreneurs who generate leads through appointments software.

For those who can’t do business without calendars.

Protect your best leads.
Start syncing your calendar and appointment scheduler software today!