Customer success story

Hyperbits Music

Hyperbits it's a music production school that covers everything from the technical and creative aspects of music production to music business, as well as the mental aspects of being an up and coming producer.

The Goal

The goal of Hyperbits was to create Facebook Ads campaigns able to increase the revenue of their product, the Hyperbits Masterclass. In order to close sales on the Hyperbits Masterclass and maintain the high conversion rate above 40%.

The Result


Conversion Rate

Product used

logo75x75.png LeadsBridge
Facebook Lead Ads

We found a way to increase revenue of our flagship product.

“We wanted to create a successful sales call funnel, but our time is minimal, so we only want to be speaking to pre-qualified leads. We will be looking to scale this funnel in the coming months and maintain a high conversion rate above 40%. We are using FB ads to get people to join our email list, and then promoting a free 1 on 1 sales call, using Typeform to prequalify our leads. For reaching this goal we used Leadsbridge to make the connection between our CRM with Typeform and Calendly. Typeform does a great job giving us the flexibility to ask questions and use images and keep a tight look on our aesthetics.”

Serik Slobodskoy