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Stay ahead of your competition by connecting your assets with the rest of your marketing stack. With our managed service, you can connect any of your marketing tools.

In-house Development vs. Our Solution

In-house Development

  • Build your team from the ground up, which means longer timelines
  • Seems cheaper, but has unpredictable hidden costs.
  • You have to allocate developers and resources to build the solution… and keep a team on to maintain and update the solution regularly
  • Control over product vision and direction

LeadsBridge Solution

  • Years of experience with our developers (high tech knowledge around the advertising platforms ecosystem)
  • Having access to Facebook/Google/LinkedIn Direct Support (24-hour response time) and stay directly in contact with a Partner Solution Engineer
  • Always up-to-date
  • Predictable, fixed costs and well-known timelines

Integrate everything

Need an integration with your in-house CRM? What about custom development? No matter your needs, we’re ready to help with a custom solution tailor-made to your needs. Our team is standing by and ready to create any integration needed to make your life easier.

Stop being held back by solutions that won’t integrate with your tools.

With the LeadsBridge platform, it’s always possible to create a custom solution tailor-made for your business needs. With an incredible support team standing by, we’re ready to amplify your marketing efforts with an integration solution that’s built just for you.

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