Facebook Conversions API benefits

Conversions API enables advertisers to:


Better overview of customers' omnichannel journey

Accurately track online and offline events

Have full control over the shared data

Overcome data-breaking obstacles like ad blockers

Avoid long page loading times

Secure and accurate data tracking

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About LeadsBridge

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP), we make it possible for Facebook Conversions API to communicate directly with your CRM with real-time data. In just a few clicks, you can have your CAPI data connected straight to your CRM, keeping all your important data in the same place.

and others +380 integrations

LeadsBridge’s benefits


Once LeadsBridge is connected, you don’t need to use CSV files anymore

Since LeadsBridge is a FMP, you can be sure that all integrations are functional and up-to-date

With LeadsBridge, you get top-notch Technical Support & Integration Maintenance

Being a FMP, LeadsBridge can develop tailor made solutions that are unique to your business

In-house Solution-Specialist that will guide you through the UI and help you retrieve more data

Once integrated with LeadsBridge, your data can be sent to any other platform like Google and LinkedIn

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A reliable enterprise-friendly integration partner

Secure "by-design"

We will never store any user data from Facebook server to server integrations or any other place. Ever.

One-way hashing algorithm

The SHA256 algorithm will be used to “scramble” your sensitive information before being sent to Google Ads.

GDPR Compliant, Privacy Shield Certified

We act as the Data Processor while the brand acts as the Data Controller, keeping up with all GDPR law and keeping data private at all time.

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