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Sync Facebook CAPI with your marketing stack to understand the impact of your ads

With our Facebook CAPI integration, you can truly see the impact of your Facebook Ads, all while abiding by third-party cookie laws.

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Automate your lead generation process with our Facebook CAPI integration

Facebook CAPI allows you to create custom actions and events and pass them directly from a site’s servers into Facebook for attribution. Automating this process with our platform allows you to remain GDPR and CCPA compliant while avoiding the headache of manual work with CSV files and long follow-up times.

How it works

Step #1

Visitors come to your website and browse

Step #2

Their browsing data is stored in your CRM/email software/eCommerce platform.

Step #3

Through our platform, you can connect this information directly to Facebook through your server.

Step #4

Because CAPI relies on server-side data and not third-party cookies, you remain compliant with privacy laws.

Discover our most popular bridges for Facebook Conversions

Find your ideal solution for accuracy and efficiency in advertising. Set your campaigns on autopilot and make better, more marketing-driven decisions. With our easy integrations, you can create your very own marketing ecosystem and get a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel.

An arsenal of features at your fingertips

Using our integration with Facebook CAPI, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle lead generation and nurturing.

  • SMS notifications

    Send SMS messages to your leads automatically

  • Autoresponders

    Send auto-responses with each incoming lead

  • List Segmentation

    Segment your lists easily for greater workflow

  • Lead Distribution

    Distribute your leads so that they get the best experience

  • Filter and Re-sync

    Filter and re-sync leads with little effort

  • Advanced Data-Mapping

    Match data fields from one platform to another

Customize a plan based on your needs

Let us curate a plan that works best for you.


Our self-service plans give you total control with straightforward integrations and easy onboardings. Choose from over 370 integrations and get started right away, all on your own.


Our business-level plan allows you to customize everything with direct help from an account manager. Get insight and regular audits from our team so that you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Keep your data secure

LeadsBridge is secure by design. We will never store or use your lead data for any reason, and our platform is GDPR and CCPA compliant. We have top security standards and undergo regular penetration testing by independent third parties.

No data storing

We keep your lead data privacy intact at all times. At no point will we ever store any of your lead data!

Data privacy compliant

GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn compliant. See why businesses big and small decide to work with us. Get a trusted partner who cares about regulations and data privacy.

Frequent security audits

We abide by top security standards and undergo frequent penetration testing organized by third-party testers.

Consent-based marketing

Making consent-based marketing the most scalable, efficient, and safest method for customer acquisition.

Automate lead generation with Facebook Lead Ads

Get rid of manual tasks and start connecting your favorite tools in minutes. Be prepared for the cookie apocalypse and focus on what’s really important — syncing your leads in real-time and capitalizing on your lead data while staying compliant with data privacy laws.

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