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Create more effective ads by using your ideal custom audience

Segment your leads, prospects, and customers by common traits to retarget at every stage of their journey through the funnel.

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Give your retargeting a boost with Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting is and always will be relevant in the marketing scene, making it the perfect evergreen marketing campaign by automatically excluding opted-out contacts and maintaining GDPR compliance. Build the best audience for your needs based on your CRM data with Facebook Custom Audiences, LinkedIn remarketing, and Google Audiences.

How do custom audiences work?

Step #1

You collect data based on existing customers in your CRM

Step #2

Connect your segmented lists by combining different data sources, using filters and formulas to create accurate audiences

Step #3

Based on your evergreen audiences, you can always retarget your ideal customer

Step #4

Based on your evergreen audience, create lookalike audiences and attract new customers

Use your budget on the perfect audience and increase ROAS

When it comes to targeting and retargeting, accurate data is vital. If you are relying on manual updates, you’re exposing your company to data silos, in turn slowing down processes and wasting time, money, and resources. 

To make your campaigns more effective, you have to target customers that are more likely to convert and increase your ROAs.

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Manage your custom audiences with ease

Using our platform, you can combine different data sources and segment lists. No matter where the data is coming from, we will take care of all management, allowing you to focus on what matters: targeting your ideal audience.

Integrate your CRM or other email marketing tools to keep audiences automatically updated with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google and ready for retargeting.

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Successfully running campaigns based on custom audiences means less spending and higher ROAS.

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Connect with the right people at the right time.

  • Re-engage previous customers

    Run a retargeting campaign using a custom audience based on customers that haven’t made a purchase in a while.

  • Upsell and cross-sell

    Retarget customers that have already made a purchase and run an upselling or cross-selling campaign.

  • Use recent purchase data to target and re-target

    Sync audiences according to their recent purchase data in order to drive upselling and cross-selling campaigns

  • Remain privacy compliant

    Segment and target/retarget audiences based on their preferences for GDPR and CCPA compliance.

  • Evergreen marketing campaigns

    Keep your audience automatically updated by adding new subscribers, contacts and deleting those who have unsubscribed and unsegmented users.

  • Combined Audiences

    Combine different sources and lists together in the same segment.

  • Always-updated Lookalikes

    Lookalike audiences are perpetually optimized to include more people similar to your ideal customer.

  • Existing customer’ exclusion

    Exclude your existing customer database. Send offers without worrying about your old customers, which will help you spend less and improve performances.

  • Immediate retargeting

    Nurture and convert leads as they come in and consistently keep your audiences updated.

The pinnacle of marketing and CRM integrations

Find your ideal solution for accuracy and efficiency in lead generation. Set your campaigns on autopilot and make better, more marketing-driven decisions. With our easy integrations, you can create your very own marketing ecosystem and get a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel.

Keep your data secure

Worried about how we manage your lead data? Don’t be! LeadsBridge is secure by design. We will never store or use your lead data for any reason, and our platform is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. We have top security standards and undergo regular penetration testing by independent third parties.

No data storing

We keep your lead data privacy intact at all times. At no point will we ever store any lead data.

Data privacy compliant

GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn compliant. See why businesses big and small decide to work with us. Get a trusted partner who cares about regulations and data privacy.

Frequent security audits

We abide by top security standards and undergo frequent penetration testing organized by third-party testers.

Consent-based marketing

Making consent-based marketing the most scalable, efficient, and safest method for customer acquisition.

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