Enterprise-grade safety

Don't share company assets and data with employees. Paid Media Teams use always updated audiences connecting their CRM/Email Software.

LTV & Lookalikes

Create better lookalike audiences and LTV (Lifetime Value) audiences. Bring the power of your segmentation into your advertising campaigns.

Large databases friendly

Large volumes are always critical to manage. LeadsBridge uses a secure and reliable API connection to create & update your audiences in time, forever.

Behavioral Retargeting

Create better ads by targeting people with specific interests and behavior. Leverage data to improve your ROAS.

Over 380 integrations at your service.
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A vigorous, Enterprise-Friendly technology

GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn compliant

Serious enterprises around the World work with us for a reason. Get a trusted partner who cares about regulations.

No Storing

No storing no trouble. LeadsBridge keeps your privacy and your lead privacy super-safe. Leads data are NEVER stored on our servers.

Advanced Automations

Laser-targeted segmentation, local stores distribution, automation rules and filters, lead communication, you name it!

Smart Segmentation

Create CRM segments and use them to auto populate your custom audiences

Evergreen campaigns

LeadsBridge keeps your audiences always fresh adding new subscribers/contacts and deleting unsubscribers and unsegmented users.

Combined Audiences

Create custom audiences and lookalike audiences combining multiple CRMs or cloud files.

Always-updated Lookalikes

Lookalike audiences perpetually optimized to include more people similar to your ideal customer.

Customers' exclusion

Exclude your customer database. Use offers without worrying about your old customers, spend less and improve performances.

Immediate retargeting

Nurture and convert leads as they comes in. Constantly keep your audience updated. Increase sales showing them the right ad, when they are still hot.


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