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By Khyati Sehgal | Blog | No Comments | 9th October 2017

The means of content discovery have changed. For me, personally, it’s less about spending time inputting search terms in Google, and more about scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds. That doesn’t mean Google is off the radar, but social channels are growing really well as content discovery platforms. What’s more – they’re bringing a […]

By Stefan Des | Blog | No Comments | 11th September 2017

As you know, Facebook Lead Ads has been a revolutionary tool for advertisers of all sizes, giving businesses the opportunity to collect quality leads even without a website. Facebook Lead Ads has been launched in October 2015 and since the beginning has been a disruptive technology which literally transformed businesses and let them grow as […]

By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 13th July 2017

If you run Facebook Ads, you already know what it feels like when your most successful campaigns suddenly stop converting. “Frustration” is probably the nicest word for describing this feeling However, that’s how it works.  On one hand, Facebook allows you to get A LOT of clients with a very low marketing budget, in comparison […]

By Stefan Des | Facebook Ads tips | 1 Comment | 3rd July 2017

Marketing a Saas company today is much different from a year ago. Promoting my Company’s services, Leadsbridge, I noticed that some strategies that work in many markets are just a waste of money for selling software. Why do SAAS have huge problems to get leads at a competitive price? Most business owners in the Saas […]

By Stefan Des | Blog | No Comments | 20th June 2017

Every entrepreneur knows the amazing history of Mark Zuckerberg, an inspiring Silicon Valley success story, but… How many marketers remember the first, funny versions of Facebook Ads? Immerse yourself on how Facebook has gone from a Harvard dorm to the top of the advertising World.

By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | 4 Comments | 5th June 2017

Wondering how to collect more leads with content marketing in the first-mobile era? Let me share how to solve the problem by using Facebook Instant Articles and the newsletter prefilled forms. In one of my previous articles, I already spoke about how you can use content marketing to raise you brand, without using a website. […]

By Mark Cirillo | Blog | 1 Comment | 24th May 2017

If you want to target the right people on Facebook to sell more products and services, then continue reading. In this article I will show you how to create a Dynamic Custom Audience, that automatically updates itself in order to show your ads to the most suitable audience, with the aim to increase your sales. […]

By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | 2 Comments | 8th May 2017

Want to collect more leads? Have you thought about using native lead generation ads on Facebook and Linkedin to boost lead generation? A “native lead generation ad” is a type of ad specifically designed to collect leads designed into the social network – the same platform that provides the ads. Facebook rolled out the Lead […]

By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | 2 Comments | 18th April 2017

Are you struggling to attract new leads through Facebook? Wondering how to create Facebook Lead Ads that get more clicks and conversions? In this article I will answer to the most burning questions I received in the last months about how to generate qualified leads from Facebook. Hey…if you want to learn how to create […]

By Mark Cirillo | Blog | No Comments | 28th March 2017

If you already crashed into our blog, you may have noticed that, here in LeadsBridge, we always love testing ideas and strategies in order to find the best solution for our marketing and (most importantly) for your business. This time, we had fun performing a particular funny test!   We tested emojis in our Facebook […]

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