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By Susana Mora Di Mare | Blog | No Comments | 16th January 2018

Lead generation can be a tricky business. There are many different platforms and tools that allow you to collect leads, but, nowadays, one of the biggest issues for businesses is the inability to connect their most-used tools in order to establish a solid and smoothly flowing lead generation system to boost your sales funnel. An […]

By Constantine Rozenshtraus-Makarov | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 9th January 2018

Being a marketer you probably have struggled with a dilemma: whether email or social media is more effective in communicating with customers and prospects. Well, who told that there is a winner? These are two completely different channels, each having strengths and weaknesses, but working together they can greatly increase the overall success of your […]

By Susana Mora Di Mare | Blog | No Comments | 27th December 2017

Lead generation landing pages allow you to collect visitors and potential clients’ information by asking them to fill a form. Unbounce published their Conversion Benchmark Report 2017, where they analyzed 64 284 landing pages from various industries with more than 74 million total visitors, from which the average conversion rate for a landing page is […]

By Mark Cirillo | Blog | No Comments | 18th December 2017

It is becoming increasingly difficult to generate leads these days. Most marketers are struggling to generate leads for their businesses. While some managed to generate a low quantity of leads, others generate leads that are unqualified. Gone are those when visitors will willingly drop their email address to join email lists. In fact, 63% of […]

By Dario Villi | Blog | No Comments | 17th December 2017

Lead Generation is one of the most important activities for your business. You probably know that by now. It’s what allows you to multiply your sources of prospective clients, increase sales and scale your business, but also receive feedback, optimize your offer and better communicate with your audience. It’s a wide process that involves many […]

By Mark Cirillo | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 14th December 2017

Here at Leadsbridge, we had the opportunity to interview two of the biggest Facebook ads marketing experts, that are conquering the modern marketing field, Dennis Yu and Logan Young! We asked them several questions about the modern marketing world, and what are the key elements of their strategy, that allowed them to conquer the market […]

By Mark Cirillo | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 22nd November 2017

Target your audience leveraging the data you already have on viewership and interactions with your site in order to increase engagement on Ads and increase sales. Sounds pretty great? It get’s better… Using Facebook along with your favorite CRM can allow you to create highly customized audiences and automate your campaigns — all in one […]

By Khyati Sehgal | Blog | 1 Comment | 9th October 2017

The means of content discovery have changed. For me, personally, it’s less about spending time inputting search terms in Google, and more about scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds. That doesn’t mean Google is off the radar, but social channels are growing really well as content discovery platforms. What’s more – they’re bringing a […]

By Stefan Des | Blog | No Comments | 11th September 2017

As you know, Facebook Lead Ads has been a revolutionary tool for advertisers of all sizes, giving businesses the opportunity to collect quality leads even without a website. Facebook Lead Ads has been launched in October 2015 and since the beginning has been a disruptive technology which literally transformed businesses and let them grow as […]

By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 13th July 2017

If you run Facebook Ads, you already know what it feels like when your most successful campaigns suddenly stop converting. “Frustration” is probably the nicest word for describing this feeling However, that’s how it works.  On one hand, Facebook allows you to get A LOT of clients with a very low marketing budget, in comparison […]

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