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Customers who generated more leads with us.

Jon Griffin

Great price and great value. I have a Change agency we transfer of funds across a network administered by hundreds of banks around the world. Thanks to LeadsBrigde I boost my business as well! Great integration with facebook lead ads.

Jon Griffin – Mayuli

Raffaele Borreca

Totally positive experience, I will definitely continue to use the software.

Raffaele Borreca – Skylab di Raffaele Borreca

Matthew Gallagher

I have to say, Zapier is more complex than LeadsBridge.

Matthew Gallagher

Kandel Haim

Great support, and great product, too easy close deals with the LeadsBridge instant notification!! Thanks!

Kandel Haim – Dr. Kandel Haim

Kyle Rossom

Great Lead Delivery Tool for automotive industries! We use LeadsBridge for all of our Facebook lead generation campaigns, and we’ve found it to be very useful for ensuring our automotive leads get delivered to the client in a timely manner.

Kyle Rossom – MAN Marketing

Ashley Stephenson

Thanks to LeadsBridge I doubled my retail leads in less than 1 year! I recommend it especially for its ease of use, once the integration is set up, it’s pretty hands-off! So super easy and quick to transfer Facebook leads from point A to B.

Ashley Stephenson – Charles & Colvard

Jillian Lira

LeadsBridge is easy to use and monitor software for our agency, we have used the integration with Facebook Ads and the support team, it’s great with questions. It was pleasant!

Jillian Lira – AdTaxi

Joel Raitt

I have a Food and Beverages retail and LeadsBridge saves me a lot of time and headache with the new FB Leads Ads format (great results with these ads). LeadsBridge automated the email subscriber being added to my list in real time so prospects get that important email right away.

Joel Raitt –

Gustavo Schnitman

LeadsBridge is great, and when a great company has great tech support it becomes superb. I requested a special integration for my agency and they made it, and fast, now my business on Facebook will improve thanks to them.

Gustavo Schnitman – ProWeb Internet

I found LeadsBridge a great tool, it helps me to sync all my contacts between Facebook and my CRM avoiding to do than manually. I really like the interface and the availability of the support team, they are able to solve everything instantly.