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We rely on strong partnerships with the best advertising platforms

We are long-time, consolidated partners of the top advertising platforms in the business: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.  

Our top partners

These partnerships allow us to offer our users a unique set of benefits: all of our integrations are approved by the partner itself; we are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest insights; we can rely on direct support from all partners.


Sync all Meta Business Tools with your marketing stack to help you optimize campaigns, build ideal audiences, and provide a better ad experience to your customers.


Integrate the entire suite of Google Marketing tools with the rest of your marketing stack to better track lead data, stay ahead of the competition, and increase ROI.


Connect LinkedIn Matched Audiences and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to your marketing stack to maximize your lead generation potential.


Sync TikTok Lead Generation to your marketing tools for a frictionless interaction with your potential customers and get immediate access to lead data.

Platform partners

Automation has never been so easy. Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to offer seamless integrations with the best CRMs, email marketing software, autoresponder, and any other marketing and advertising tool available on the market. Explore which of your favorite tools we can connect.

Customize a plan based on your needs

Let us curate a plan that works best for you.


Our self-service plans give you total control with straightforward integrations and easy onboardings. Choose from over 380 integrations and get started right away, all on your own.


Our business-level plan allows you to customize everything with direct help from an account manager. Get insight and regular audits from our team so that you can maximize your marketing efforts.

The pinnacle of marketing and CRM integrations

Find your ideal solution for accuracy and efficiency in lead generation. Set your campaigns on autopilot and make better, more marketing-driven decisions. With our easy integrations, you can create your very own marketing ecosystem and get a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel.

Learn more about our platform

We offer automation solutions specific to the marketing and advertising world, to help you bridge the gap between your ads and sales funnels.
Thanks to 380+ integrations, we help you create your own interconnected marketing ecosystem, for automated, secure, and always updated lead data transfer.

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