Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads

Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Lead Ads

Connect Facebook Lead Ads with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Facebook Lead Ads data.

Facebook Lead Ads is a product launched in 2015 and used to help advertisers capitalize on its broad audience to get better conversion rates for campaigns.

Facebook Lead Ads allows Advertisers to collect information from potential customers directly from mobile ads. Instead of sending traffic to a landing page where people manually fill out a form and press Submit, they click on the Advertisement; their information (name, surname, and email) is pre-populated, and they press Submit. All within the Facebook platform.

Generating leads with Facebook Lead Ads is easier in comparison to other lead generation solutions.

The pre-filled forms allow people to easily send their contact information, even on a small screen, thanks to mobile optimization. Moreover, it is possible to personalize the forms to always ask for the essential information.

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Furthermore, it is fair to keep in mind that Facebook’s targeting options allow companies to reach people who are more likely to buy. For this reason, Facebook Lead Ads plays a fundamental role in the growth of value for your company/product.

The leads collected through the campaigns created on Facebook Lead Ads will be stored on the Facebook page, and all contact details can be downloaded in CSV format. After that, the newly generated contacts can be entered directly with the CRM; in this way, the sales team can get to work immediately.

Facebook Lead Ads CRM Integration is not a native feature offered by Facebook. However, to avoid manually entering new contacts from Facebook into the CRM, LeadsBridge offers a wide range of Facebook Lead Ads integrations.

In fact, LeadsBridge is a Facebook Marketing Partner focused on Facebook Lead Ads automation and designed around the needs of advertisers who want to optimize their lead generation, nurturing and acquisition processes.

Facebook Lead Ads features:

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Facebook Lead Ads are optimized for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). This feature implies that using Facebook Lead Ads, advertisers can run highly-effective campaigns for users who browse through different devices

  • Pre-Filled Forms

    The Pre-Filled Forms provided by Facebook Lead Ads allow companies to reduce the “conversion friction". Users don’t need to fill up the forms with their data since they are automatically taken from their personal profiles

  • Fast-loading

    Facebook Lead Ads load very fast on every device, speeding up the lead generation process (and helping companies collect more leads)

  • Lower Cost Per Lead

    Companies that use Facebook Lead Ads see a significant decrease in the Cost Per Lead


Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Lead Ads

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