Discover all the possible integrations for FunnelFLARE

Discover all the possible integrations for FunnelFLARE

Connect FunnelFLARE with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FunnelFLARE data.

FunnelFLARE is a cloud-based sales enablement solution, which helps organizations of all sizes manage communications with prospects through phone calls and email sequences. The platform helps team members record client interactions by exporting and storing call transcription data to integrated CRM systems. Using its appointment scheduler, users can check time & date availability for meetings and send SMS or email reminders to prospects.

FunnelFLARE helps professionals streamline communication with clients through the automation of drip campaigns and SMS responders. Employees can also monitor the status of their sales pipeline by tracking the number of opened emails, link clicks, and page visits.

FunnelFLARE offers integration with multiple third-party platforms such as Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, Salesforce, Freshsales,, Nimble, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, GoToMeeting, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, WordPress, and more.

FunnelFLARE features:

  • Phone/Text Automation

    Sales is a contact sport. FunnelFLARE automatically logs your calls in your CRM, automates voicemail drops, and preps post-call follow up emails automatically.

  • Appointment scheduling

    Stop suggesting times. Stop juggling calendars. Use FunnelFLARE’s appointment scheduler to give you back some of your time with simplified appointment scheduling that does the heavy lifting of setting reminders for everyone.

  • Behaviour Tracking

    Your clients are on your website and engaging with your emails. Now see customer actions in real-time. The solution also helps marketers track the website visits of prospects and monitor their behavioural insights to initiate communication.

  • Sales Cadence automation

    Let FunnelFLARE do the emailing. Set it up once and assign drip campaigns to prospects directly from your CRM.

  • Power dialer

    FunnelFLARE provides a great interface for dialling faster, logging calls, and more.

Discover all the possible integrations for FunnelFLARE

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