Discover all the possible integrations for Pardot

Discover all the possible integrations for Pardot

Connect Pardot with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Pardot data.

Pardot automation and email solution is a B2B marketing tool that enables marketers to generate more pipelines, create more connections, and empower the sales department to close a large number of deals.

Pardot helps the salespeople to generate more leads and move them swiftly through the funnel and engage customers with highly customized and dynamic marketing campaigns. With Pardot, businesses get to define a clear path for their customers from the first click to the point of order placement.

The service offers streamlined lead management for enhanced engagement that allows organizations to sell their products and services at a quicker pace by reaching out to the right customers promptly.

Pardot email offers effortless email marketing features that help businesses to create impactful email campaigns that have a high potential to deliver the targeted goals. It also assists companies in keeping their pipeline stocked with a consistent flow of hot leads.

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The tool enables businesses to align their marketing efforts with sales endeavors seamlessly. This helps them in selling their products and services more effectively, increasing return on investment.

Moreover, users can get the full report regarding their marketing campaigns and ROI. This helps them to understand what's working and where their marketing needs improvement. Insightful reporting allows businesses to make informed and better decisions.

Pardot employs a clever use of artificial intelligence to help businesses make their marketing and sales efforts more efficient and highly effective.

Pardot brings the most comprehensive B2B marketing analytics feature to help businesses optimize their marketing and sales efforts. Users can combine their sales and marketing data in one place to explore, analyze, and evaluate everything from a broader perspective for better decision making.

This helps businesses to learn about their ROI in detail and its impact on the top and bottom-line figures. The customizable dashboard is easy to use and offers the option to share insightful data with any of the team members from anywhere. It also has the feature to save data as lenses for future use.

Moreover, organizations can also connect a third party data source to get a complete view of all the data and streamline reporting through a single platform. The analytics are also available through a smartphone app, so crucial personnel can share data on the go to ensure data-driven marketing never stops.

Pardot integration with Salesforce Engage means businesses can design smarter sales campaigns that can be tailored according to the marketing-curated content. This helps organizations to provide an exceptional customer experience allowing them to engage more potential customers.

To bring everything together, Engage Campaigns to enable businesses to deliver the right message through tailored templates while Engage Reports bring insights forward to close deals quicker. Interactive dashboards also allow representatives to evaluate and control their campaigns.

There is also a feature of Engage Alerts, which helps organizations to understand every interaction with the customer allowing them to develop a deep understanding of their target audience. This enables businesses to sell faster and smarter.

Pardot features:

  • Seamless Lead Generation & Management

    The tool helps businesses to reach the right target audience at the right to generate hot leads that have a strong potential to turn into customers.

  • Versatile Email Marketing

    Pardot email marketing allows businesses to create extraordinary email campaigns that are highly effective and customizable.

  • ROI Analytics

    Organizations can bring all of their data together in one place. The customizable dashboard offers all the stats to ensure that better marketing decisions are made.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Pardot harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the processes of lead generation, management, and nurturing to close deals quickly.


Discover all the possible integrations for Pardot

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