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Facebook Campaign Analytics

Gone are the days of second guessing your campaign performance due to unreliable modeled data. The LeadsBridge Facebook lead ads Dashboard provides users with detailed campaign analytics by using actual source data.

View key metrics, like your campaign CPA (cost per action), with accurate data insights directly from the source.

This dashboard is available for paid LeadsBridge customers only.
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Our Solution v. Competitors

Competitive Solutions

  • Facebook campaign analytics are not included
  • Built as generic integration tools
  • Trigger-based data synchronization only

LeadsBridge Solution

  • Facebook campaign analytics using actual source data
  • Built specifically for lead generation & advertising
  • Trigger, time, and consent-based data synchronization
  • Access to Facebook/Google/LinkedIn Direct Support (24-hour response time) and stay directly in contact with a Partner Solution Engineer

We partner with the  best advertising platforms in the world

Unlock the power of your Facebook lead ads data

Gain access to critical metrics directly from your Facebook lead ads Dashboard. Data from every lead is included, providing 100% accuracy.

Key metrics included are:

  • Number of Leads
  • CPA (cost-per-action)
  • Lead Generation Rate
  • CTR (click-through rate)
  • Spend
  • Frequency
  • Reach
  • Impressions

Users can customize campaign reports for any selected time period, making it easier than ever to optimize lead ads campaigns with data driven insights.

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