Discover all the possible integrations for TikTok Lead Generation
TikTok Lead Generation

Discover all the possible integrations for TikTok Lead Generation

Connect TikTok Lead Generation with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your TikTok Lead Generation data.

Whether your goal is to sell products, services, or simply drive traffic to your website, the TikTok Lead Generation objective can help you achieve desired returns on your ad spend with targeted leads for your business.

TikTok Lead Generation helps businesses to generate leads directly on the platform and reach interested customers in a respectable way. It works by selecting the lead generation objective when creating an ad. This will enable you to publish an in-feed video ad that is connected to an instant form. The instant form shows the user’s name, email, phone, and other relevant information. When a user clicks on the form it shows where they can fill in their details. When the user is done with the filling, they can click on the call-to-action button on the ad. While creating the instant form, you can pre-populate the fields with the user’s basic details. This is taken from their profile on TikTok. This reduces friction and makes it easy and fast for users to fill the form and submit it. It also gives you the opportunity to get more useful information for your business.

When they submit the form, a privacy notice is displayed to let them know that the information is for the advertiser. Leads can be downloaded manually in a CSV format or directly synced to your integrated CRM. The user’s details from the form are very important. It helps you to reach, engage and nurture them with relevant content that will turn them into customers. You can also use the data generated from the Lead Generation campaign to build accurate audience personas for ad targeting and for future campaigns.

The Instant Form can be customized to fit your industry, marketing needs, and business goals. You can customize the header and profile image in your instant form, as well as the questions and other information requested. The Lead Generation advertising option gives businesses an opportunity to connect directly with people that are interested in their business.

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The good news is, through LeadsBridge, TikTok Lead Generation can be integrated with third-party apps such as CRMs and Autoresponders. This includes MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot. The integration enables you to automatically send your leads directly to your CRM or autoresponder as they submit the form on the ad, ultimately saving you time and effort.

TikTok Lead Generation features:

  • Reduces friction

    The TikTok Lead Generation's instant form is hosted on TikTok. This reduces the friction and makes it easy for users to access and fill the form on TikTok. This means you don't need to redirect them to a landing page outside TikTok.

  • Pre-filled form

    While creating the instant form, you can choose to pre-populate specific fields such as the name and emails addresses of users. This makes it easier for users to share their information.

  • Form Customization

    TikTok allows you to customize the header and the image on the form, the questions you want to ask the users, and other relevant information. This helps you to collect information that is specific and useful to your business.

  • Access to leads data

    Instantly download your leads manually from TikTok or integrate with third-party apps to automatically send the leads to CRMs and autoresponders for follow up.

Discover all the possible integrations for TikTok Lead Generation

Want to get the most out of TikTok Lead Generation? Here’s the always-updated list of the most requested TikTok Lead Generation integrations:

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