Discover all the possible integrations for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Discover all the possible integrations for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Connect LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms data.

How does LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms works? LinkedIn allows users to register in-app, download, or click on any call to the action specified in the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a great way to generate tons of leads. It's a free tool that can be added to the email and LinkedIn-sponsored content. With it, is possible to get double conversions by obtaining users' emails and even getting them to take the desired action on the website.

It’s possible to add LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to sponsored content campaigns and sponsored emails. These modules have been shown to increase both lead volume and quality, making it easier for marketing experts to demonstrate the ROI of marketing campaigns on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms simplify the connection of members to members, offering marketers what they want most, accurate data. When a user clicks on an Ads, they are shown a form pre-filled with their profile information. All they have to do is confirm the information and send it. Then, a user record will be sent, which includes name, email, company name, professional title, position, and any other information specified in the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are available for sponsored content campaigns. It is possible to choose if use them or not, and they won't cost anything, so it's worth trying them to see what impact they have on lead generation.

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In essence, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms add a call to action to sponsored content Ads, asking users to subscribe, download an eBook, or whatever activity is targeting. When users click on the CTA, they will be greeted by a registration form within the app. Still, instead of filling in the LinkedIn fields, they will automatically enter the details from their account, so all users will have to confirm their email address.

They will then be greeted by a thank-you page and a link to the content or website, depending on where to want to send them.

LinkedIn stores the leads from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in a simple downloadable CSV file, but advertisers and companies that manage a high volume of data can benefit from the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms CRM integration provided by LeadsBridge.

Thanks to LeadsBridge’s LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integration it is possible to sync the leads obtained with LinkedIn with the company CRM, automating the processes and saving time.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms features:

  • Email contact targeting

    Import or integrate your contact email lists. Connect to your data platforms or upload a list of email addresses

  • Account targeting

    Reach decision-makers to your target accounts. Combine the power of demographic targeting on LinkedIn with the list of your target accounts

  • Instantly collect complete and accurate leads

    Once members click on your ad, they will see a pre-filled form with accurate professional information from their LinkedIn profile, such as their name, contact information, company name, seniority, professional title, and location


Discover all the possible integrations for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

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