Integrations available for Google Offline Conversions Tracking
Google Offline Conversions Tracking

Integrations available for Google Offline Conversions Tracking

Connect Google Offline Conversions Tracking with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Google Offline Conversions Tracking data.

What is Google Offline Conversions Tracking? Google Import Conversions (formerly Offline Conversions Tracking) works slightly differently depending on whether tracking conversions that start with a click on the ad or a call from an Ads.

Sometimes, Ads don't directly lead to an online sale but initiate a customer along a path that ultimately leads to a deal in the offline world. By importing Offline Conversions, it’s possible to measure what's happening in the offline world after an Ads has generated a click or a call.

Google Import Conversions gives a complete look at which keywords and targeting criteria (for example, geography or time of day) favor the most convenient conversions. This data can help to target and optimize campaigns for a more significant profit.

Advertisers need to understand and accurately track the customer's purchase journey through Google Import Conversions, trying to avoid a disconnected sales funnel, for example, when a customer clicks on an Ad, visits the website, and then decides to purchase the product offline.

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Often, when a customer sees an Ads, they will click on it, visit the website and make a purchase. Once the purchase is made, a unique Google ID is returned to Google Ads to report the sale.

As mentioned above, Google Import Conversions provides advertisers with a unique ID, called "GCLID," for each click that comes to their website from a Google Ads Ad. To track Offline Conversions, advertisers need to save that ID along with the lead information they collect from the people who clicked on the ad.

Then, when the shopper "converts" to the offline world, the advertiser returns that GCLID to Google Ads along with some details on the type of conversion and when it took place. Then Google Import Conversions records this conversion along with other conversion tracking data. Thanks to LeadsBridge companies can integrate Google Offline Conversions Tracking with over 370 tools.

Google Offline Conversions Tracking features:

  • Bridge the gap between your Google Ads spend and conversions offline

    With Google Import Conversions (formerly Offline Conversions Tracking) companies can finally align their online campaigns with the results that matter

  • Overview of the keywords matter

    Google Import Conversions (formerly Offline Conversions Tracking) gives advertisers a more detailed overview of successful keywords that result in sales. This information will help to better understand how to optimize campaigns and performances

  • Understand the quality of the leads, even if successful conversions happen offline

    Google Import Conversions (formerly Offline Conversions Tracking) allows you to understand the quality of leads generated by a specific campaign and, consequently, improve ROAS by increasing their bids on the keywords that generate more revenue

  • Clear targeting criteria evaluation

    Google Import Conversions (formerly Offline Conversions Tracking) helps marketers evaluate targeting criteria, by measuring and track purchases based on time of the day it occurs or the geography. This will help you better distinguish the factors that produce the most cost-effective conversions