Discover all the possible integrations for LinkedIn Matched Audiences
LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Discover all the possible integrations for LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Connect LinkedIn Matched Audiences with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your LinkedIn Matched Audiences data.

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LinkedIn is a professional social network spread all over the world, intending to help people to approach the world of work. LinkedIn currently covers approximately 150 business sectors and over 400 sectors, directly from Palo Alto, California.

LinkedIn is further optimizing the advertising platform. That's why the LinkedIn Matched Audiences was launched on April 24, 2017.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a set of targeting competence that gives the ability to combine LinkedIn's professional data with first-party data to reach the right Audiences on LinkedIn.

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Advertisers who know how to use LinkedIn Matched Audiences can easily retarget their website visitors, securely upload lists of companies or email addresses, and integrate with a contact management platform. Learn how to integrate contact management platforms into LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences helps to focus the marketing efforts on the Audiences and accounts that could be converted. With it, it’s possible to manage the Audiences in a single dashboard and grow the business with similar Audiences.

LinkedIn's new tools will also allow companies to target users who visit their websites with ads on the professional social network. Besides, LinkedIn will allow businesses to focus messages based on consumers' email addresses.

The advertising functions of LinkedIn Matched Audiences apply to Sponsored Content, which appears in the news feed, to Sponsored InMail, sent to users' private mail.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences allows not only to retarget website visitors but also to promote products and services to the contacts of a CRM databases and marketing automation platforms and to reach the decision-makers of the target companies with the functionality of account-based targeting.

This is possible by uploading a CSV file with the customers’ data stored in the company’s CRM on LinkedIn, or through an automated LinkedIn Matched Audiences update provided by LeadsBridge.

LeadsBridge, in fact, provides advertisers with a seamless and secure LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration that allows them to sync the CRM’s lists, segments, and data with LinkedIn for retargeting.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences features:

  • Website targeting

    Define your target audience and publish relevant advertising content based on the pages they have visited on your site.

  • Contact targeting

    Create a personalized audience by securely uploading your email address lists or connecting your contact management platform.

  • Account targeting

    Run marketing campaigns based on LinkedIn account and data. Securely upload a list of target companies to pair with over 8 million business pages on LinkedIn.

  • Manage your matched audiences in one place

    Create, edit, or delete audiences, share your audiences across your ad accounts and view the current status of your audience.


Discover all the possible integrations for LinkedIn Matched Audiences

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