Tap, tap, done!

Lead Ads is the new ad type recently introduced by Facebook that lets you easily collect leads thanks to their prefilled forms.

The problem with Lead Ads is that you can’t store these leads anywhere other than a simple CSV that Facebook lets you download.

LeadsBridge connects your Lead Ads campaigns to your CRM tool/Autoresponder and lets you import them instantly. With LeadsBridge your marketing automation is safe.

You can run Lead Ads campaigns and instantly send subscribers your opt-in offer, without any complex manual work.

Integrated with over CRMs and Email Marketing software

LeadsBridge syncs Custom Audiences with CRMs, Email Marketing software, Webinar software and miscellaneous tools.

Start using Facebook Lead Ads as it is meant to be.

A vigorous, Enterprise-Friendly technology

Secure FB Ads API Integration

The best way to safely integrate your email marketing software, which means no insecure connections. Leave the tech stuff to us, so you can focus on your business and on your marketing.


Send leads to the right CRM segment/list. Push ad tracking datapoints, filter, distribute and automate your funnel and pipeline to best fit your model. Communicate with your leads through email and SMS.


You’ll be surprised by how easy and fast LeadsBridge is. Simply link your Facebook account and then your CRM/Autoresponder. That’s it! You will then be ready to sync Lead Ads. No tech skills required.

100% Leads Guarantee

LeadsBridge takes care of your leads. 
Our system sends every collected lead to your CRM/Autoresponder instantly, in REAL TIME. 
But there’s more. They’ll be safe also because of a two-part process using RTU (Facebook’s Real Time Update) and Emergency Sync, a sophisticated technology that recovers each lead not sent to your Autoresponder and continues syncing them until they’re stored successfully.

Start using Facebook Lead Ads as it is meant to be.

How it works

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates LeadsBridge’s functionality and yes, it really is that simple!

Sync more than everything

Sync every piece of information you collect with Lead Ads campaigns with a super-easy fields mapping tool. Sync phone numbers, Job titles, and so on.
Push tracking information such as Ad campaign, Adsets, Lead Ads Questions, and keep your marketing automation rules going with hidden fields and conditional logic fields.

Advanced Segmentation

It’s not just about integration. LeadsBridge gives you a simple system to help you match the right information in your database, in just seconds!
LeadsBridge’s Fields Mapping help you with an easy dropdown to match and insert every piece of data you collect through Lead Ads in the right place.
And, most importantly, LeadsBridge gives you a tool that helps you segmenting your leads, so your marketing automation and administration is 100% safe.

See how it works

Start using Facebook Lead Ads as it is meant to be.

Welcome your leads

Deliver a Welcome Email to your leads and start the conversation as soon as the lead subscribes.
If your CRM doesn’t have the capability to sends email, you’ll love this solution that can be used in two scenarios:

  • Deliver your Lead Magnet/White Paper right away.
  • Inform your leads that you received contact details and that you’ll get in touch soon.

See how it works

Coupons Commerce Solution

Deliver single-use coupons and collect tons of leads!
Put your coupons’ list into LeadsBridge and send them to your leads as soon as they subscribe.
Increase your Mailing List and your sales through Lead Ads with LeadsBridge.

See how the coupons delivery works

Start using Facebook Lead Ads as it is meant to be

Transform Lead Ads in a Survey/Market Research tool

Facebook Lead Ads is a great tool for Lead Generation, but Lead Ads’ Questions make it even more powerful, making it the best research tool on the market. LeadsBridge has the world’s first technology that creates unparalleled Questions Insights that give in-depth analytics of your Lead Ads Questions’ responses.

See how it works

What you can do with Questions Insights

Validate your idea

Do you have a project to launch? Ask questions through Lead Ads and validate your idea in no time!

Your next product

Which products do your customers want? Ask them with a simple retargeting campaign + Lead Ads.

New York or Los Angeles?

Where should your next event be? Ask your followers where they want it and plan with success.

Are you satisfied?

Target your customer base and ask them if they are satisfied with your products and services.

LeadsBridge has already saved 6 million leads. Start saving yours.

Are you glued to CSVs?

Facebook Lead Ads requires you to export and import leads all day long, every day. This takes up too much of your time! 

The worst thing is that you can’t send an email or a call right when the lead comes in. This can compromise the lead quality and effectiveness of your Marketing and Advertising efforts.

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Your Lead Generation Ads efforts deserve automation

Put your Facebook leads on autopilot so you can focus on converting them into customers