Facebook Lead Ads are a type of ads specifically designed to collect leads.
In comparison to traditional ads that drive to website landing pages, with Facebook Lead Ads, the process of generating leads on Facebook is much easier. In fact, when users click on a Lead Ad on Facebook they instantly visualize a registration form to leave their data, without leaving the social network. The opt-in forms are pre-filled.
Facebook Lead Ads are optimized for mobile navigation and allow advertisers to easily collect leads from smartphones and tablets. User's data, in fact, are automatically added by Facebook which takes them from their personal profiles.
Klaviyo is an email marketing platform specifically designed for e-commerce marketers who want to increase their sales by targeting, customizing and measuring their email marketing and Facebook campaigns.
How does Klaviyo work? Klaviyo allows you to get access to important data of your audiences directly from your e-commerce website and other marketing tools you use to run your business. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify your best customers and personalize your marketing campaigns in order to increase conversions and sales. Audience Segmentation Klaviyo makes it easy to segment your audience, addressing your potential customers with the right marketing message for them. Audience segmentation, in fact, allows you to identify many different buyer personas within your lists, with the aim to understand which are their specific needs and desires. Marketing Automation Klaviyo puts your entire marketing on auto-pilot.
Based on how the people interact with your business, Klaviyo populates the segments of your list through triggered emails. You just need to create your campaigns once. Design your funnel, and let the platform generate the sales, while you focus on activities that generate a higher profit for you.

What you can do with Facebook Lead Ads and Klaviyo

Create new Klaviyo members in lists with Facebook Lead Ads

Update Klaviyo members in lists with Facebook Lead Ads


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