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And yes... custom solutions are welcome!

Custom HTML Form

Just insert your HTML form code into LeadsBridge and leads will be synced automagically!
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Are you a developer? Use our simple webhook integration to send leads data wherever you want!
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Secure API Integration

The best way to safely integrate your CRM, email marketing software or CRM, which means no insecure connections.

Leave the tech stuff to us, so you can focus on your business and on your marketing.

Multiple sources

Whatever and wherever you collect leads online, we have an app for that!

Easily connect multiple sources such as Facebook, webinars, landing pages with your CRM/Email software. Say STOP to flow interruption (seriously).

30-Second Integration

You’ll be surprised by how easy and fast LeadsBridge is.

Simply link your source and then your CRM/Email software. That’s it! You will then be ready to sync leads. No tech skills required.

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