Discover all the possible integrations for SendinBlue

Discover all the possible integrations for SendinBlue

Connect SendinBlue with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your SendinBlue data.

Sendinblue is a multifunctional service that offers many useful features that help companies to grow the audience, increase sales, and raise brand awareness.

Effective marketing activities can define the overall success of a company. Therefore, it’s important to know the target audience and understand how to draw attention to your company in order to turn regular visitors into loyal customers.

Sendinblue integration can be a perfect solution for small and medium businesses, as well as for startups, as it combines everything a team might need for effective and successful marketing activities and team management.

Sendinblue marketing automation features enable companies to communicate with visitors, leads, and customers more effectively.

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Sendinblue integration gives the chance to create highly converting emails and manage social media marketing activities. It also offers a convenient chat integration for websites to always stay in touch with online visitors.

Moreover, Sendinblue integration gives access to a CRM system that helps to keep an eye on all leads and clients to drive more sales.

Sendinblue marketing automation enables businesses to automate some routine tasks, such as user segmentation or sending marketing messages, to save time and effort and devote it to some more complex tasks.

Sendinblue helps a team to segment users in a way that each group gets the most relevant and targeted messages that are aimed to spur the customers to purchase from the website.

With this service, it’s also possible to create a well-designed landing page that will enhance a marketing campaign. Adding a signup form to the website can help to expand the contact base with ease.

From a single account, team members can also launch Facebook Ad campaigns to reach more people and receive quality traffic.

One of the most useful features Sendinblue offers is retargeting that allows showing the company’s advertising messages to people who have already visited the website to make them come back and become customers.

There is a detailed Sendinblue tutorial available to help businesses get familiar with all the features of the tool, understand how to use the service, and get the most of the experience.

It’s possible to integrate Sendinblue with LeadsBridge so that a company will be able to benefit from the combination of features fully and stay on top of marketing activities to achieve even better results with enormous speed.

SendinBlue features:

  • Integration

    It will take only a few minutes to integrate Sendinblue with other useful apps and tools that a team regularly uses to improve productivity.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Once companies integrate Sendinblue, they will get access to analytics that allows measuring success and performance through real-time reports, charts, and graphs.

  • Heat Map

    Sendinblue marketing automation offers companies an email heat map that allows seeing how users engage with emails to improve future email marketing campaigns and email design in particular.

  • A/B testing

    Sendinblue integration enables a team to conduct multiple A/B tests to see what marketing strategies work and what doesn’t to increase conversion and achieve tangible results.


Discover all the possible integrations for SendinBlue

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